Live Christmas Chorus to Pop Up at Hlavní Nádraží

Hear the essential Czech Christmas cantata performed in an unlikely spot next week – for free

Around the holidays, the hottest ticket in town is to performances of Jakub Jan Ryba’s Czech Christmas Mass (Hey, Master!), a cantata that is performed throughout the season at a number of the Prague’s most sacred venues (Clementinum, St. Salvator church), by the country’s most prestigious musicians.

On December 23 at 1pm, the festive choruses of the beloved composition will resonate throughout the halls of another venerable Prague institution—Hlavní nádraží train station.

Commuters, holiday shoppers, and anyone passing through the station on their Christmas travels next Wednesday afternoon will be treated to a more casual though no less uplifting performance by the local choir Mikrochor, led by conductor Lukas Prchal.

Think something like a holiday flash mob only with instruments instead of dancing. Additional musicians from around the country were crowd sourced by the group and the sheet music for the mass appears on the Facebook page for the event (Rybovka na Hlaváku).

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The event has been taking place for several years and while space is increasingly at a premium, holiday spirit is not. Another free, open-air performance of this Czech Christmas classic will take place at Kampa.

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