Prague Buy Sell Trade Rules

Please read before posting in the Facebook group Prague Buy Sell Trade


This group is for individuals (not business) to sell, buy or trade items in Prague.

Members may not:

A) Promote any kind of “business” (yes, even if it’s just you)

B) Link to external websites/ FB pages or groups.

C) Auction products – price is a mandatory requirement.

D) Harass other members/sellers.

E) Post Real Estate sales/rents

If you want to post jobs – go here:

What we ask ❤

A) If you have many goods to sell, create one post with multiple pictures.

B) Don’t re-post the same item. Instead, add a comment to your post, for  example: “still available” or “price discounted” If the item isn’t getting any response, consider lowering the price.

C) The group is intended for English speakers.Please don’t post a lot of  text in other languages, including Czech. These posts will be removed. If you don’t speak English, you can post a picture and the price, but please be advised: most members will expect basic English in order to arrange pickup or to answer any questions.

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D) If you see something you don’t like – report the post. With the group as large as it is now – we can’t catch everything.

E) Looking for a man with a van? Try here:

Remember: sell cheap = sell fast ✔



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