Discover the Czech Parents’ Secret to a Stress-Free Summer

What to do with your children over the summer holiday? Do like Czechs families do and send them to camp, of course!

Stretching from July to September, the Czech summer holiday can feel like an eternity when you’re at home with bored youngsters. Most expat families take their cues from Czechs who traditionally send their kids to camp.

A range of camps, or letní tábory, exist in Prague and the Czech Republic for a range of ages and interests, many of them combining language learning – Czech, English, and beyond – with every kind of activity imaginable.

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For those with very small children, Prague preschools are a fantastic resource and often host summer day camps on their premises, no school-year enrollment required.

For those in need of a full-time reprieve this summer, see our tips for overnight camps.

Or explore the unique day camps below and get that book and hammock ready!

Camp for Little Tennis Pros

Sokolovna Průhonice
Sokolovna Průhonice

Sokolovna is a unique multi-function complex in Prague’s charming Průhonice district comprised of a sports facilities and a restaurant that is beloved by local gourmets and parents alike for its cuisine and playground garden. It hosts two camps, a tennis camp and a summer camp, on its premises and in the surrounding area that will appeal to both older kids and little ones. Activities including trekking, evening campfire, BumperBalls; tennis camps include individual instruction amid a fun setting.

Dates: July 3-7, July 17-21, July 31-August 4, August 14-18 (Day Camp); July 10-14 & August  7-11 (Tennis Camp)
Location: Sokolovna Průhonice
Ages: 6-12
Languages: Czech, English
Keywords: Sports, Tennis, Outdoor Activities, Day Camp

Camp for Kids Who Love Science

Outdoor sporting activities aren’t for everyone. Science is Fun (Věda nás baví) is a daycamp offered in both the Czech and English languages and has locations in Prague and Brno. Children explore the scientific realm via immersive hands-on experiments, exhibits, and games.

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Discover the Czech Parents’ Secret to a Stress-Free Summer

An educational program that focuses on training circles during which the STEM concept is being implemented, Bricks4Kidz boosts science technology, engineering, and mathematics skills via LEGO building as well as sport activities like judo and frisbee to engage both mind and body. Individually themed camps (Minecraft, Pokemon, Jurassic Park, Superheroes) are led by experienced bilingual teachers who guide children through creating Lego models.

Dates: Dates avaialable from July 3-July 28
Location: Kids Jungle, Educlub Okraj, Prague 6
Ages: 4-6 and 6-11
Languages: English, Czech
Keywords: STEM skills, Day Camp, Lego, Pokemon, Jurassic Park, Minecraft, Super heroes, Dinosaurs

Camp for Budding Filmmakers

Summer Film Making camps hosted by YoungFilmSet are designed to introduce budding filmmakers and thespians to the basics of film magic both in front of and behind the camera. Includes animation workshops and is led by performers and filmmakers. Week-long camps (ages 7-16) take place July-August.

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Camp for Little Sailors & Golfers

Discover the Czech Parents’ Secret to a Stress-Free Summer

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Orthodocks Yacht Club’s Sailing & Golf Summer Camps organize sailing and golf summer camps for kids ages 6 to 15 in the beautiful enclosed Císařská louka compound in the center of Prague. Participants work with a team of professional trainers to perfect their sailing and golf game while learning important skills. In addition to these activities, the camp offers yoga, high ropes, beach volleyball, tennis, creative workshops, and healthy food from its Cinda restaurant, a local waterfront favorite.

Dates: Dates available from July 1-August 31
Location: Prague 5, Smichov
Ages: 6-15 years 
Languages: English/Czech
Keywords: Beach Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, Sailing, Day Camp, Water Activities, Workshops

Camp for Dance Stars In the Making

Discover the Czech Parents’ Secret to a Stress-Free Summer

These wonderfully fun and active dance-based camps place an emphasis on multi-dimensional styles like street dance, Broadway jazz, and ballet just to name a few. Camps are especially designed for young kids, boys and girls alike, who will dance, explore, play and make new friends in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment. Under the supervision of Rosa Olympic Estrella Dance & Movement Studio staff, a popular dance school with expat families.

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Dates: July 10-14, July 16-21, July 23-28
Location: Prague 1, Mala Strana, Czech Republic
Ages: 4-8 years 
Languages: English
Keywords: Street Dance, Ballet Jazz, Ballet, Dance, Movement, Day Camp

Camp For Kids Who Need a Refresher Course

Worried that your little on might backslide a bit during the break? FasTracKids is designed as a first camp experience for young learners which keeps the focus on fun while reinforcing skills learned throughout the year. This Prague daycamp culminates in an international kids expo at the end of the week.

Camp for Future Football Stars

Discover the Czech Parents’ Secret to a Stress-Free Summer

This popular summer camp is organized by the year-round Prague English Football School organization, led by UEFA certified coaches and designed for kids to learn through play and games geared toward childhood development.

Dates: July 10-14
Location: Prague 6, Czech Republic
Ages: 3+
Languages: English/CZ
Keywords: Day Camp, Half-Day Camp, Young Learners, Football, Sport

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