4 Kids: Obchodní Centrum Šestka

A free fun day at the shopping mall, with a new family center and toboggan slide...

Eva Howlings

Written by Eva Howlings
Published on 18.04.2011 15:32 (updated on 18.04.2011)



Obchodní Centrum Šestka


A shopping center near the airport, tucked into a grass field. Šestka is never crowded, so it´s a good place to do some serious shopping, even though the shops there are on the small side and so selection is limited. In addition to the usual suspects, there´s an Albert Hypermarket, Sanu Babu, Datart, a ceramics outlet shop, dry cleaners, shoe repair, a hairdresser and a hot tub store. Recently, Šestka has been targeting families by offering a variety of fun for kids. The newest and most fun things to do here include a giant slide and a family center – both free of charge.



Šestka runs its own buses from Dejvická, or you can take public buses 100, 119, 179 or 225 to “K Letišti”. If you’re driving, head to the airport and look out for the enormous red die with “6” on all sides (hence the name: 6 = šest). It takes about 15 minutes.

Make sure to stand with your kid in line, or the bigger kids will keep cutting in front. Kids must remove shoes to get in the climbing frame. There is a tiny enclosure with a micro slide and ball pool that is only for the guests of Segafredo, so don´t go there unless you´re a customer.

Nothing to note – it´s just a bunch of shops with a nice play area.

It´s all indoors. There are a few benches around the structures, or you could order from the café and sit at one of their tables.

A food court offers the usual range of drinks.

I´m sorry to say that Šestka has the worst food court in all of Prague. A McDonald´s would be a step up, frankly. Why you need more than one place selling the same bland, goopy Asian food is beyond me. Then there´s the place with hard, dry, and empty baguettes. The pizza/pasta place is the least appalling of the bunch. I never eat here – I´d rather drive to the airport and get a Starbucks sandwich. It´s that bad.

Unlimited free parking.

Monday – Sunday 9:00 – 21:00


Suitable for all ages.


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Hana Diringerova

Hana Diringerova

Profesional and fun teacher


The slide is new and strong, and covered, so I think it seems safe. If you´re alone with more than one kid, you´ll have to figure out a system where they wait at the bottom and you all go back up the escalators together. These escalators are safe, they´re flat, and you can see them from the top of the slide, but for some kids it might not be a good idea to let them up on their own.

Nice and clean, and lots of them. They are located in the Mezzanine, which is accessed from a separate stairwell, but there is also a lift. BTW, this is the greenest hallway – it almost hurts. But kids love it.




You can do a lot of fun things for free here. Very good value.





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There are all kinds of fun things to do here. My kids love just hanging out on the roof, watching planes land and take off. We also watch the animals in the pet shop. There are a few coin-op rides throughout the place, including a train near the food court. There´s a “proper” pay-per-hour Dětský Koutek that moved from the mezzanine to next to the food court; it´s the pinkest playroom I´ve ever seen. But the 2-story slide is the real draw here. You can go down together, and you don´t even have to take your shoes off. There´s a timer installed that signals green when it´s safe to go. The slide is intended for 6 and older – but I didn´t see anyone enforcing this.

The climbing structure is great. They have recently added a slide and another level to it, and the kids really have fun in there. Hopefully they will come back when you call, because there´s no way you can fit yourself in there to pull them out. There´s a Pompo toy store next to all this, with a wooden train table. I don´t know why, but my 3 year old boy – who has his own wooden set at home – can stand there for hours. It´s just awkward! The Family Center offers free activities for families on weekends. On Saturdays there´s a kiddie theatre at 11:00 (Czech of course, but we like to whisper our own made up versions of the plot or try to guess what´s happening) and a crafts workshop from 13:00 – 17:00 on Sundays.


Fun activities in Prague for the kids.


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