King´s Parade brings a real kings tournament

King´s Parade will once again start in Prague and ride to Karlštejn Staff

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Published on 13.05.2011 09:32 (updated on 13.05.2011)

During the first weekend of June the emperor Charles IV. will set off on a journey from the Prague castle to Karlštejn already for the fifth time in order to bring and deposit the crown jewels. King´s Parade will start from the St. Vitas cathedral 4 June on Saturday morning and pass through the villages along the river Berounka to Karlštejn. Several times the Parade will stop and participants will be able to enjoy an entertaining program on the occasion of the emperor´s arrival. At Karlštejn Charles IV. with his company and the public will be awaited by the competition Women on Carriages and a thrilling show – the very first real knight tournament from the Middle Age times for The Czech Knight´s title.

During the weekend 4-5 June tens of riders on horses, carriages and on foot will set off for the twenty four kilometres long journey from Prague to Karlštejn. The visitors can expect historical performance and an attractive accompanying program in villages where the Parade with the emperor, represented by Vladimír Čech, his wife Elizabeth, represented by Debora Štolbová, and their company including a crazy jester will stop. King´s Parade follows a real historical tradition, the roots of which go back to the times of Charles IV. reign. The emperor kept the coronation jewels of the Holy Roman Empire in the king´s treasury at the castle of Karlštejn and annually after Easter they were displayed in the St. Vitas cathedral in Prague. And it is just the return of the jewels from the capital of Prague back to Karlštejn that is the theme of the Parade.
The Parade is not intended just a historical show but mainly an opportunity to have a good time. During both days the visitors can enjoy a wide program. The villages are preparing music and theatre performances and other entertaining activities for the whole family. Program often starts by the emperor´s arrival and lasts long after his departure. This year the organising agency of Karlštejnsko Region presents interesting novelty for the viewers called The Czech Knight. “It is the first real knight tournament since the Middle Ages”, says the major of Lety, Jiří Hudeček, adding: “Do not expect any theatre, rehearsed fights or falling. On Sunday afternoon six knights will compete on the meadow nearby the Karlštejn Bridge; most of them already acted in Czech or foreign movies such as the Oscar Gladiator. We believe it is going to be a thrilling show and a unique tournament.”
Each knight fights for his honour and mainly for glory and privileges of the village that he represents. Six old champions will compete in several disciplines showing their skills such as sword fighting and horse riding. Only two knights that show the most bravery, dexterity and skills get to the final and most interesting fight for the title of The Czech Knight – fighting for the jewels. Both knights will have an attached jewel to their helmet and they will try to get hold of them. That all will happen on horses in full speed using a celt, a striking wooden weapon. The knight that knocks off the competitor´s jewel from his helmet wins the whole tournament and gets not only financial reward in form of a true silver Czech sou but also The Czech Knight title, which he can proudly use for the whole year. On top he can also protect the sword of Elisabeth of Bohemia that she will hand over herself. The winning village that the knight fought for gets an itinerant icon with a saint patron for the period of one year and a right to display their flag up at Karlštejn castle.

As part of the tournament there is an amusing contest – Women on Carriages. The village teams will compete in an untraditional discipline – race of carriages pulled by men. In the shortest possible time men have to pull the carriage form the start to the final destination with at least five women inside. Not only the speed of men but also women´s beauty and carriage decoration is matters in the end.
People can join in the Parade anytime during the weekend and even borrow a costume from the organisers.

King´s Parade is an authentic celebration that takes the participant with or without costumes takes to the Middle Ages. The visitors who want to join the crowd and follow the emperor on his celebratory journey can join the Parade anytime during the two days Parade. For the participants in costumes, either their own ones or borrowed for a symbolic fee the organisers offer a possibility of carrying their clothes, refreshment and staying in a tent overnight in Dobřichovice. Apart from that they can see the The Czech Knight tournament from very close distance. For the costume riders the organisers provide stabling their horses on Saturday night.
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Saturday 4 June, 2011
10.15 a.m. PRAŽSKÝ HRAD – St. Vitas cathedral
10.45 a.m. PRAHA 5 – church of St. Wenceslas in Smíchov  
01.00 p.m. CHUCHLE
02.30 p.m. RADOTÍN – by the school
04.00 p.m. ČERNOŠICE – playground at the concrete plant
05.00 p.m. MOKROPSY – through passage
06.30 p.m. DOBŘICHOVICE castle


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Sunday 5 June, 2011
10.00 a.m.  DOBŘICHOVICE castle
10.45 a.m.  LETY square
11.45 a.m.  ŘEVNICE square
02.15 p.m. HLÁSNÁ TŘEBAŇ – by the    village chapel
03.30 p.m. KARLŠTEJN – meadow by the bridge
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