Beer Stroll Around Prague’s New Town

Part II: From Charles Square down to the Vltava River

Let’s find out about restaurants in one of the most beautiful and historically one of the most interesting of Prague’s districts. We have several tips for establishments around Charles Square and the Vltava where you can enjoy original Pilsner lager.

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Good beer in an interior from centuries past  

A good meal with a good drink is sometimes the only good thing that happens to you during the day. This is the motto of the Sedlerů Restaurant on Charles Square. If you drop by you will find out that they certainly stick to this motto – they offer excellent Pilsner lager and great cuisine. The Art Nouveau-style building in which this restaurant is situated has had a long tradition of restaurant services; this building even housed a brewery at the end of the 19th century. An old proverb says that you never enter the same river twice. This, however, is not true for the U Tří bojovníků restaurant. Their sauerkraut griddlecakes, Wiener schnitzel with potato salad and well chilled Pilsner beer will make you come back again. The interior, too, gives a pleasant impression, sensitively combining modern trends with the original atmosphere of the 1930s, when the restaurant was built.

Promenade along the river 

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Those who haven’t been to the Náplavka promenade along the Vltava River don’t know what life in Prague is about. The promenade is one of the most popular places for both tourists and locals alike. One can have a pint of good Pilsner beer with a meal of Czech or international cuisine or a delicious freshwater fish right near the Vltava river bank on the Masaryk embankment – at the Orlík restaurant. Those who love the Vltava river banks also meet at the U Kalendů pub on the Rašín embankment. The pub’s owner says that this is a place where people from a range of circles meet with only one thing in mind – to relax and forget about the worries and pitfalls of city life. The river, good beer and food will certainly add to that. 

Tank beer in the “new” Prague city centre

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Tank beer is the crème de la crème of beer. It is a special system of tapping beer from large stainless steel vessels – tanks in which beer is preserved, thus maintaining its fresh taste.  And you can find tanks in the new part of the Prague city centre, such as at the U Gráffů restaurant. Their top meal to go with Pilsner beer is venison stew with home-made potato pancakes. You can also try a beer perfectly poured by well-trained staff at The Pub Pilsner Unique Bar on Hálkova Street, where you may be served by one of the finalists of the Pilsner Urquell Master Bartender competition. If you would like to find other places to try tank beer, you can use the unique Pilsner Urquell pub navigator available from

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Tank beer is tapped directly the from beer tanks, which makes it perfectly fresh. Cheers!

TIP: Truly home-made

At the U Bubeníčků restaurant on Myslíkova Street they know how to accommodate the tastes of demanding guests. They have excellent tank beer on tap and make all the meals themselves to the very last ingredient. The dumplings you decide to order will be home-made, as will the fried potato pancakes and sweet pancakes. 

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