Latex-Clad Czech Politician Poses On Border with Assault Rifle

Trigger warning: we’re not sure what’s scarier, her political views or her raccoon-inspired eyeliner job

Alternative political parties and pseudo religions with cartoonish spokespeople are becoming as much a part of Czech culture as beer and dumplings.

The country can now boast among its more curious public figures a party of dread (locked) techie pirates, an outspoken member of the colander-hatted Pastafarian religion, and even an anti-Islamist Barbie impersonator who likes to show off her rap skills.

Add the Order of the Nation to the burgeoning list of political groups with a flair for costume design. The party has just released sultry photos of candidate Barbora Haškovcová, decked out in latex and eyeliner like a Czech Lara Croft, wielding an assault rifle on the Czech-Slovak border.

The pics symbolize the movement’s platform “to preserve the identity and sovereignty of the country, traditional family values, traditions, historical references and absolute equality of all before the law, without distinction.”

Their big ticket issues are the security of state borders and the right to personal weapons—the party has even made a video with controversial Czech band Ortel, best known for its ear-splitting far-right anthems, whose nomination for a Czech music award in 2016 was challenged by Roma rapper Radek Banga.

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Haškovcová, a mother of three who, in her spare time apparently does a lot of crocheting, is running for Chamber of Deputies for the Zlín region in the October parliamentary elections.

On Tuesday, the candidate responded to the outpouring of negative backlash against the photos, including one commenter who said he’d “only ever seen something like this at some latex vampire sci-fi festival” with this post on her Facebook page.

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“I haven’t read so many disgusting and vulgar comments, reports, posts, and threats of destruction. But I can calm you down. Just keep moving. Thank you for the promotion and promotion of my person. You can see we’re doing it right.” 

The photos appear to have been removed from Facebook, although you can still see them here in this gallery

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the photo was taken on the Czech-German, not the Czech-Slovak border.

Also read:  Czech PM Andrej Babiš calls on Donald Trump to make face masks obligatory

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