EU Citizen? Here’s How to Vote in Czech Municipal Elections, October 5-6

If you are an EU citizen and hold residency in the Czech Republic, you have the right to vote in local elections next week

Are you an EU citizen? Do you have permanent or temporary residence in the Czech Republic? Do you care about the future of the place you live in?

Then you can (and should) vote in the local Czech municipal elections next week!

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All EU citizens over 18 years old who hold temporary or permanent residence in the Czech Republic also have the right to vote, and to do so must only apply to be included on the official electoral roll in your district.

Czech elections will take place Friday & Saturday, October 5-6. If you’ve never voted in Czech elections before, you must apply at the municipal office in the district you hold residence before voting. You can also apply in writing, but must do so before October 3.

This handy infographic provided by the Consortium of Migrants Assisting Organizations in the Czech Republic lays out the process of voting as a foreigner in the local Czech elections:

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In Prague, independent citizens’ initiative Praha sobě reached out to us with some additional additional information, and have also provided a registration form for potential foreign voters.

Led by teacher and Prague 7 Mayor Jan Čižinský and councillor and documentary filmmaker Hana Třeštíková, Praha sobě is running for seats across Prague this year based on the success they have seen in revitalizing Prague 7 over the past four years.

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You can read more about Praha sobě’s story here, and download their PDF that includes a Czech & English-language version of the voter registration form at this link. A list of Town Halls where you can vote in your relevant district can be found here.

The Czech Pirate Party also encourages all citizens who are able to vote in the Czech Republic to do so next week.

“The Pirate Party wants every citizen living in the Czech republic, regardless their nationality, to be able to vote,” Markéta Gregorová, head of the Czech Pirates’ international department, told us.

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“And if they have a permanent residency, they indeed can vote. But many don’t know about this – and that is why we launched an informational campaign on how to vote in CZ as a foreigner. As a liberal and democratic party with strong base in the global Pirate movement, we want to think globally even on the local level.”

“So don’t hesitate and go vote in October!”

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