Vodafone Helps Small Businesses Succeed

Providing innovative solutions for single entrepreneurs, small companies, and large firms

Vodafone can support both small firms and large companies

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Mobile internet, calls, email calendars, or document management via mobile phone and tablet are a normal part of doing business nowadays. It doesn’t matter whether you are a single business entrepreneur, a small business or a large corporation. Besides that, all businesses need to have a fast internet connection. But for those who operate a business  in a smaller town, or a company whose home office is located in a remote region, it may be difficult to get a good Internet connection. Vodafone had decided to change this situation by the end of 2014, by covering the entire Czech Republic with fast Turbo Internet (fast mobile internet based on LTE 900 MHz ). In addition, Vodafone cares for everyone, from the individual entrepreneur with just one phone or the small family business with three SIM cards in use, to large companies with tens or hundreds of employees.

Single entrepreneurs and small business customers are equally important

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Vodafone helps small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their business by offering services that simplify their business. Vodafone RED unlimited business tariffs are available for the individual entrepreneur with only one SIM card. These include unlimited calls and SMSes plus various data packages, free minutes for international calls, or a mobile security applications.Thanks to the Mobile Security service, a user/company has worry-free data management with features like remote lock, data erase, or stolen phone locator.

Among other features there is an anti-virus program for the open operating system Android or the option for one company administrator to manage multiple devices. Entrepreneurs with two or more SIM cards can get an individual tailor-made offer and a Vodafone representative will meet them anywhere to set up worry-free service settings. The entrepreneur can then concentrate on his or her business without worries.

Vodafone Helps Small Businesses Succeed

A complete service  Vodafone OneNet for small and medium businesses is designed for companies with more employees (e.g. 5, 10, or more). It provides them with a suitable package of mobile services, mobile and fixed connection, and a landline divert to a mobile phone. It also offers the possibility of redirecting a customer’s call to multiple mobile phones. In the real world, this means that each employee has his or her own phone number and a mobile phone, while the customer can simply always dial a company contact number. The call then gets forwarded to a mobile phone. Also, for  those situations when a customer contacts an employee who is sick, the call is automatically redirected to his or her assistant. Likewise, you can use redirection after working hours or during a worker’s holiday. Ultimately, the customer can be routed to up to ten different numbers. Your company phone line will never be busy anymore and you can be sure that your customer will always get conected. All of these forwarding options can easily be set up by Vodafone customers themselves in our Internet OneNet convenience store.

Large companies are interested in a comprehensive solution

Telecommunications has long been offering not only traditional services such as mobile calls. Big companies want from their provider both fixed and mobile voice services, fixed internet, and complex IT solutions. Vodafone offers its large corporate customers a OneNet comprehensive solution. It provides the services of both a fixed and mobile network, optimized service cost and perfect service availability. In addition, Vodafone provides a fully dedicated personal consultant to meet their needs and requirements. These telecommunication services offer also delivers practical business solutions, such as a “Machine-to-Machine” communication using a SIM card for information exchange via SMS and mobile data between machines. A fleet of company cars, for example, may be operated under such a system. All the billing for the customer comes on one invoice.

More information at www.vodafone.cz

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