Good News! Prague Is About to Get Even Greener

Good News! Prague Is About to Get Even Greener

Prague’s urban forests are enchanted and plentiful. Průhonice Park with its Neo-Renaissance chateau comes to mind, as do the wooded grounds of Hvezda chateau and the tree-lined expanses of Stromovka.  

Last week, foresters planted more than 50,000 trees on an expanse of land in the east of Prague, reports, meaning more trails to hike and shade to enjoy in the Czech capital.

The roughly 6.5 hectares of forest is expected to flourish between the neighborhoods of Dubeč and Běchovice. It will be called Robotka.

Foresters planted seedlings of oak, larch, Douglas fir, linden, ash, and maple with more specimens to come. The entire area will remain fenced in to protect the seedlings from wildlife and dog walkers.

“Thanks to cooperation with the capital, Prague can look forward to tens of thousands of trees…and improved air quality,” said Běchovice Mayor Ondřej Martan.

The publication is also reporting that another forest “V Panenkách” is being planted between Běchovice and Koloděje.

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Don’t plan any forest frolics just yet: it will take an estimated 30-40 years before we will be able to explore the new Prague forest.

In the meantime see our article on 5 Fairytale Czech Forests for tips for woodland treks. is a comprehensive and popular portal for the English-speaking community, offering a wide range of information geared toward foreigners living and working in Prague and the Czech Republic.

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