Prague’s 5 Safest Neighborhoods

Prague’s 5 Safest Neighborhoods

New police data, based on the number of offenses committed over a selected period of time in a given area, has revealed which districts of the Czech capital are the safest—at least by the current numbers. The reports here are from June 2017 (which reflects the most complete set of statistics to date). So where are you statistically less likely to have your car/purse/home violated? (h/t Nas Region)

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Despite the fact that Holešovice was cited by reports as one of Prague’s most crime-ridden districts, it appears that in the month of June, neighboring Letná saw just 69 reported crimes, 746 for the year. Car theft (55 reported cases), burglary (46 cases), and physical attacks (40 cases) were the most prevalent offenses.


The second-safest district in the Czech capital is Čakovice in Prague 9, with 62 monthly crimes reported in June and 486 for the year. Vehicle theft predominated with police registering 72 stolen cars and 31 thefts of a motor vehicle. Twenty-six home break-ins were reported as well.

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Újezd nad Lesy

In this neighborhood in the eastern part of Prague, police recorded 50 offenses per month and 317 per year. Similar to Čakovice, car theft was the most frequent crime, followed by burglary, theft of motor vehicles, and physical attack (both crimes had over 18 incidents reported).


Prague’s fourth safest borough, home to one of Europe’s “scariest cemeteries” and a mental asylum, is Bohnice, in Prague 8. Just 108 crimes were committed for the month of June and 714 for the year to date. There were 72 cases of car thefts, 36 burglaries, and 30 cases each of bicycle theft and drug production, distribution, or possession.


The fifth safest Prague neighborhood is historic Barrandov. Officers recorded 86 offenses per month and 608 per year. Car theft (84), drug misconduct and public drunkenness (31) and 20 burglaries were reported.

TIP: For a complete overview of the crime index for Prague and the Czech Republic, see the Mapa Kriminality on-line project, which has compiled an English-friendly crime index viewable in a number of interactive formats including a map interface.

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The initiative was created by Pro Police / Open Society with an aim to “Make crime data available and understandable to anybody who is interested” and clarify the complicated and user-unfriendly tables released by the police.


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