Average Salary in Prague

Average Salary in Prague

What is the average salary in Prague?

Ok, so you’re considering relocating to Prague,  one of the first questions that everyone wants to know is “what is the average salary in Prague? ’’ As with any relocation, your opportunities will very much depend on the following:

  • Your skills and prior working history.
  • Your ability to be able to utilize them effectively within the local working environment.
  • Your willingness to compromise with or accommodate to the local working environment.

How do salaries in Prague compare to the whole of the Czech Republic?

Eurostat (the statistical office of the European Union), shows in 2014 the Czech Republic has one of the largest growth increases (8.36%) for annual salaries within the European Union.

As of January 2016, the national average salary for the “highly skilled’’ workforce increased to 30,000 CZK per month before taxes. However, the difference in salaries between the capital – Prague, and rural areas can be up to 30% more of the national average.

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Therefore basing a relocation on the national salary average is not always a viable indicator when looking at potential earnings. There are most certainly great opportunities within the Czech Republic for those that have solid skill sets and are motivated.

Salaries can change very quickly in Prague due to supply and demand, therefore we recommend checking the links below each data set to see actual positions that are available today and their corresponding salaries.

So, let’s look closer at sectors and some well-known job titles.

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