Czech Republic Among World’s Best Places to Work

Global rankings place the country in the top percentile for attracting talented workers
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Launched for the first time in 2013, the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) is an annual benchmarking report that measures the ability of countries to compete for talent.

The 2017 global rankings, compiled by INSEAD, a global graduate business school, evaluate the attractiveness of 118 countries in terms of working conditions and opportunities.

The Czech Republic was named the 23rd most attractive nation in the world for skilled workers, surpassing countries such as France, Italy, Spain, and neighboring Poland and Slovakia.

The annual rankings evaluate individual countries in terms of their ability to grow, attract, and retain talent.

Additional criteria include market conditions, trade and regulation, economic growth, education system, employment policy, the interdependence of public and private institutions, and living standards.

The highest ranking countries tended to demonstrate employment policies that favor flexibility, mobility, and entrepreneurship, and high interconnectedness between stakeholders in business and government.

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World cities were also ranked according to attractiveness for global talent. Copenhagen, Zurich, Helsinki, San Francisco and Gothenburg, Sweden comprised the top 5—Moravian capital Brno slid in at #22.

The Czech Republic, which consistently ranked high in the area of vocational and technical skills, was cited as a ”mecca for programmers” with Brno, a city that is especially attractive place for IT and development, as its Silicon Valley.

Software firms such as Avast, headquartered in Prague and AVG in Brno, reflect the country’s ability to proficiently compete with large multinational companies.

Read the full report here.

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