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Tips on where to go to find jobs in Prague
Tip: Visit Jobs for 1000s of the latest multilingual job vacancies in Prague & the Czech Republic!

So you´re in Prague, legally able to work, and looking for Jobs in Prague? How, exactly, do you go about it? There are a number of options, but two things will greatly help: knowledge of the Czech language and/or specialization in an IT field.

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Here are some resources to get your started: Job Server

Find thousands of jobs for non-Czech speakers and international speakers (English, German, French, etc). Jobs in Prague , Jobs in and around the Czech Republic.

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Recruitment Agencies

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There´s no shortage of recruitment agencies in Prague, many of which offer services for job seekers for free. A full list can be found here. A few examples of the more popular agencies:

The above websites are good because they have a searchable database of the jobs they offer. Also, many give you the option of leaving your CV with them online, and they´ll contact you when something comes up in your field.


Newspapers are another good source of job listings, with new offers usually being printed each week. Some of the bigger ones:

Mlada Fronta Dnes (

Hospodarske Noviny (

The Prague Post (

Mlada Fronta and Hospodarske Noviny are entirely in Czech, but a handful of job offers in English can be found in each edition. The Prague Post only has a few listings each week, but they´re all in English. Job listings can also be found on the web pages for each paper.

Websites – Searchable Job Databases

Websites are some of the more popular places for job seekers to turn. Unfortunately, many of them are completely in Czech, but English listings can still be found on most of them. The more popular ones:

The above websites, all operated by LMC Ltd., combine to offer a huge database – likely the largest in the Czech Republic – of available jobs. They´re all in Czech (some basic English info can be found on, but a smattering of listings in English can be found mixed in, and all three sites are fairly easy to navigate.

Also: is in completely in English, and has a decent-sized database of job listings, though nowhere near the size of the previous sites. Also, they seem to mainly offer IT-based jobs. is mostly in Czech, with basic info in English. However, they´ve added a nice touch: job offers in English are highlighted in green, making the site extremely easy to navigate for non-Czech speakers. Just turn your speakers off to avoid the annoying 80´s music on their home page. A few more:

Again, these sites are mostly in Czech, but job offers in English can still be found.

That should cover most of the basics. However, if you have a specialized field, or have a good idea of the kind of work you want, it´s always good to contact companies directly. Many company websites will have a special section for job vacancies. Even if they don´t have any vacancies, they´ll usually be more than happy to take your CV and let you know if anything opens up.

Try also busniess directory listings for:

Recruitment agencies

Tip: Visit Jobs for 1000s of the latest multilingual job vacancies in Prague & the Czech Republic!

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