15 Free Autumn Events

15 Free Autumn Events

Jan Švankmajer at Czech Centres  through September 13
Jan Svankmajer is one of our most significant film animators and artists. The Czech Center in Prague (yes we actually have it here, too!) has set up an English-language retrospective exhibition of his artwork. If you can’t make it to Svankmajer, look out for the next exhibition at the Center – they are always for free.

Dyzajn Market Festival – September 13-14
The promoters of the Dyzajn Market have fallen in love with the festival concept debuted this summer and are doing another Dyzajn Market Festival with a special accompanying program including fashion show, concerts, and theatre. We are now giving a few designer pieces from the limited edition here!

15 Free Autumn Events

Zažít město jinak – September 20
Get out to the streets and see that concrete jungle is kind of a nature, too. Especially inhabited by people who once a year take their time to use streets not only for rushing to work, but also enjoying themselves!

MeetFactory – all the time
MeetFactory is a multifunctional as well as multicultural institution, where a lot of artists from all around the world seek a residency stay so they can work and create. You can then enjoy exhibitions, concerts, or other events for free. In Sepmteber, I recommend the flea market on September 21.

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15 Free Autumn Events

Holešovice Fashion Market – September 26
Holesovice Fashion Market is also facing a small change – it is moving to new halls 13 and 40 in the Holesovice Market area. Not only will you have a chance to buy some Christmas gifts in advance, but also enjoy an afterparty!

Europen Day of Languages – September 26
Come to Lucerna arcade, join the speak-dating event and speak to at least 3 teachers of foreign languages. If you do this, you will be included in a draw for interesting prizes. You can also test your language knowledge.

A Day of (lookout) Towers – September 28
This day kicks off for a second year the month of all towers and lookout towers in the Czech Republic. There is not an “umbrella” website with a program, but you can check this list of all Czech towers (or our article with 5 top tips), choose your favourite and look for their offer. Entry is either free or free at least for children.

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15 Free Autumn Events

A Month of Healthy Six – through September 30
Prague 6 has decided to turn all their inhabitants into healthy creatures and has prepared a month full of activities for free. What’s on the line-up? Beach volleyball, climbing, floorball, dancing, and even self-defence.

Strahov Open Air – October 1
For already 18 year students of the Czech Technical University in Prague have organized Strahov Open Air festival with Czech and foreign bands, litres of beer and kilos of sausages. It is a typical festival on a Strahov hill without any admission.

Prague Writer’s Festival – October 2-4
Book yourself a seat in advance for the Gala evening programme on October 3, which will be for free, taking place in the Senate of the Czech Republic. Great chance to see this stunning building as well.

Aprés Ski – November 29-30 (Original date was October 11-12)
Can’t wait for this year’s snowdrifts? Cut your waiting and get to a weekend-long mountain resort built right on the river bank of Vltava, with lots of snow, skis and certainly also grog!

15 Free Autumn Events

15 Free Autumn Events

Yoga at Vyšehrad – through October 23
If you wish to slow down or even stop everything and only pay attention to your breathing (outside!) join every Thursday’s yoga classes at Vyšehrad. They were, are and always will be for free.

Open Days in the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic – October 28
As you may know, October 28 is our holiday every year. A lot of institutions show their nice faces and let you sneak in. See where the work of politics is getting done in the Czech Republic.

Source: Batalion.cz
Source: Batalion.cz

Komiksfest – October 29 – November 2
Comics have so much to offer! They can bring you into another dimension of a story or an artistic intention. Luckily for fans, most of the Komiksfest exhibits and shows are for free.

Got a great tip for a free event? Leave it here.

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