A new rooftop concert series is launching in Prague this week

A new rooftop concert series will debut in Žižkov Monday

Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas

Written by Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas
Published on 09.08.2020 19:03 (updated on 09.08.2020)

One of the Czech sectors most affected by the coronavirus crisis is the music and entertainment industry whose professionals have generally been unable to stage large-scale live music events in the Czech Republic due to the country’s anti-coronavirus measures. Many musicians, performers, and sound crews say they see no end in sight.

A recent petition addressed to the Czech government by the industry in advance of a July 27 protest on Old Town Square said:

“It is not clear when it will be possible to organize larger music events and under what conditions. The government has restricted our freedom of enterprise and the ability to work and is not in a position to address the situation. Our activities run only fifteen percent, there are no festivals, concerts, musicians have canceled performances, no musical instruments are produced, technical companies have no work.”

While clubs remain open in Prague, a recent outbreak at a Vinohrady bar followed by the mandated requirement to wear masks inside when crowds of over 100 are in attendance has done little to improve the situation for the Czech Republic’s music community.

Many promoters and venues are doing the best they can to adapt to the current situation by organizing performances in alternative venues.

Among them, is Fource Entertainment, known for bringing big-name acts like Billie Eilish to the Czech capital. While it has postponed a number of those performances, from Monday, August 10 Fource will launch a live concert series. The series Fource Live, is typically held at Chapeau Rouge, but will take place on Žižkov’s Roof Radost one of this year’s favorite rooftop venues.

“It’s a curated selection of the most interesting from the contemporary Czech scene,” says Viktor Palak, spokesperson for Fource, who adds that “There are always two artists and we will professionally record the show so it’s accessible to those who will not be able to come to the event.”

The lineup of performances kicks off with the dreamy melodies of Aiko paired with the acoustic guitar of Teepee, currently a big hit on the Czech indie scene. The next performance sees Ai Fen, the solo project by Polish-Chinese musician and producer Ewelina Vlček-Chiu and alternative electronic duo Khoiba take to the rooftop.

For more information visit the FB page for the event.