Colours of Ostrava: Day 2

Colours of Ostrava: Day 2

Music truly transcends all barriers of logic and mind. Never mind that in Ostrava English is rarely heard – on day 2 of Colours, the performances of bands from Israel, Spain, Austria, and Morocco show that when it comes music, language is universal. Dub FX, Australian singer, rapper and beatboxer kicked off the day at 4.30 on the main stage with a rousing show, full of sexy beats and rhymes, a barrage of drum’n’bass, hip hop, reggae, dubstep and jungle. Shouting instructions to the audience, the crowds adored and responded with enthusiasm. Followed shortly after by Asaf Avidan, an Israeli-born singer with a beautiful, captivating voice – so feminine that one has doubts whether its is a man or woman singing. Regardless of gender, the effect and results are a hit.

On the Agrofert Stage, Amparo Sánchez, a native of Spanish Andalusia enchanted with soulful lyrics, blending flamenco, Cuban Bolero, Mexican rancheras, reggae and blues songs. From late afternoon until well after midnight,  performances alternated from hard brass punk to chillout tunes, from bittersweet ballads to hypnotic rhythms from bands Russkaja, Bonobo, Damien Rice,  and Aziz Sahmaoui & University of Gnawa, offering a little bit of something for everyone. An estimated 22,000 festival goers attended yesterday – today the number was visibly higher as the grounds swarmed with people of all ages.

Basking in the warmth of the afternoon sun, the rhythm of the day was relaxed and harmonious. Having already found a sense of orientation of the festival grounds the day before, it was possible to sit back, relax more, and take in details. Colorful tables with chairs and benches  generously dispersed in strategic locations provided comfort for those looking for a place to rest. Relax zones in various sponsor tents offered the same with added entertainment, whether from Djs or a mechanical bull for those brave enough to try. A busking stage, tucked in the deeper reaches of Vitkovice gave opportunities for people to have a hand at performing themselves. Even farther away from the main stages are the old “koupelna” buildings, former bathhouses where miners would change and prepare themselves for work, refashioned into a Radegast bar with couches and carpeting, including a ping-pong table to help while away the time until the next concert. A mini theater for performances and teahouse located upstairs featured documentaries on a small projection screen on regions in Asia.

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Finally departing the festival at 2am, I am left feeling very satisfied and looking forward to what tomorrow will bring. Stay tuned!

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