Major Annual Events in the Czech Republic

Music, film, theater, and other festivals held throughout the year
Prague has events for all tastes, at all times; once you´ve explored what´s available, you may find it difficult to stay home. Keep an eye out on the street – the guys with backpacks full of posters plaster many entertainment options on walls and lamp posts – and check for daily calendar listings. Following are some of the annual events that continue to keep the Czech Republic on the cultural map:


Prague Winter
An annual festival of opera, ballet, and classical music which began under communism in 1972. Venues include Prague´s National Theater, castle and more.

Days of European Film Festival
This film festival – showcasing current European film, most of which are playing in Prague for the first time – usually starts up every year in Prague in mid-to-late January before moving on to Brno in February. Most films are shown with English subtitles, and can be seen at the Lucerna, Aero and Světozor cinemas.


The Czech Mardi Gras festival, which translates as goodbye to meat, combines Czech and international cultures. Outdoor and indoor celebrations abound, especially in Prague 3´s Žižkov, and culminate with a parade and music on Fat Tuesday.


Prague´s largest film festival is FebioFest, which usually takes place late March. Current films from around the globe are showcased, along with some in-depth retrospectives on renowned films and filmmakers. The festival takes place at Village Cinemas Anděl.


Jeden Svět/One World
Documentary film festival centered on human rights, which takes place in various cinemas in April/May. The festival gives the public a rare chance to see documentary films in Prague cinemas.

Witches´ Night
April 30th is Pálení čarodějnic, an outdoor witch-burning event celebrated in various parts of Prague and the Czech Republic. Find or build your own fire – although it is illegal to light fires in Prague city limits, the event is unofficially celebrated on Petřín hill.

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Book World Prague
An international book fair that takes place each May. Some events are limited to industry professionals but others are open to the public.

Prague International Marathon
Though there are numerous smaller events throughout the year, the full marathon usually takes place in May, with concurrent music concerts. Be warned, the center of Prague is cut off to all traffic (including trams) while the marathon is on.

International Tattoo Convention
The tattoo fair hits in late May for a weekend at the large SK Slavia Praha complex at Strahov.

Mezi Ploty
A theater and music festival at the Bohnice psychiatric facility, usually taking place over the weekend in late May.

A world Roma festival which features musical performances at Roxy and other venues in May.

World Festival of Puppet Art
Marionette theater festival taking place in various venues throughout May.

Prague Spring
A major international classical music festival which takes place in various venues (including Obecní dům) throughout May and June.

Prague Fringe
The increasingly popular and quirky fringe theater festival takes place in various venues in May/June. Many performances are in English or have no language barrier.


Czech Folklore Festival
Large celebration of folk music and Czech culture and heritage that takes place in various towns across the Czech Republic throughout the summer.

Prague Writer´s Festival
Taking place in June, the writer´s fest features acclaimed authors from around the world in various Prague venues.

United Islands of Prague

Museum Night/ Muzejní noc
From 19:00 to 01:00 on one night in June, the city opens the doors to many museums for free and lies on color-coded bus routes to facilitate travel between the venues.

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Tanec Praha
Major dance festival taking place in Prague and other cities throughout June.

Český Krumlov Chamber Music Festival
Famous festival of chamber music which has been taking place in this beautiful town each June and July since 1987.


Large festival of Chamber music held in a variety of Prague concert halls throughout July and August.

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Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
The biggest film festival in the Czech Republic, and one of the oldest in Europe. Numerous foreign celebrities can be expected to attend each year in early July.

Musica Sacra Praha
International festival of sacred music held three times per year. The main celebrations take place during the height of the summer in various Prague concert halls. There is also an autumn event in October and a Christmas one.

Summer Shakespeare Festival
From June to September, check out classic Shakespeare plays being performed in the courtyard of Prague Castle, most of the performances are in Czech, but the backdrop is stunning and it´s still Shakespeare.


Mystic Skate Cup
International pro-skateboarding cup held in the specially designed Mystic Skate Park on Štvanice island. Held over a long weekend with concurrent concerts and parties.

Prague Horn
International horn music festival.

Trutnov Open Air Music Festival
The original and still one of the largest open air music festivals in the Czech Republic is held in Trutnov. The Czech countryside is littered with other various music festivals all summer long.

Young Prague
An international music festival whose aim is to help young artists who are starting careers in classical music.

International Organ Festival
Concerts from a variety of European organists in St. James´ Basilica each August/September.


Wine Festivals
In late August/early September, wine harvesting begins and a number of wine festivals are held throughout the country. Burčák is the sweet tasting young wine which is only partially fermented. One of the largest wine harvesting celebrations in Prague is Vinohradské vinobraní, usually held in late September in Prague 2´s Vinohrady district.

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Vejvoda´s Zbraslav
Brass band festival presented by the sons of Jaromír Vejvody, the world-famous brass musician and composer of the “Beer Barrel Polka”. Held in the outskirts of Prague in Zbraslav every September.

Prague Autumn
Large international festival of classical music held in various concert halls throughout September which effectively ends the summer-long European classical festival season, begun by the Prague Spring.


Strings of Autumn
Major international music festival held in the National Theater and other venues throughout the season.

International Jazz Festival
Large jazz fest held in various Prague jazz venues throughout October.

International Student Orchestras Festival
Youth orchestra festival organized by the Prague Student Orchestra each October.


Prague German-Language Theater Festival
Theater performances presented in German put on by various performance groups from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in October/November.

FAMU Festival
Student film fest from the young filmmakers at FAMU, one of Europe´s oldest film schools.


International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music
Held from the first Advent weekend in Prague, this festival features a variety of concerts of Advent and Christmas music.

The Bohuslav Martinů Festival in Prague
Classical music festival held in December each year since 1995, celebrating the music of the famous Czech composer.

Prague Christmas
Competition festival held over Christmas in Prague celebrating a variety of Christmas music and carols along with Czech Christmas traditions.

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