Creepy-Cool Halloween Costumes for 2014

Buy, rent, or make your Halloween costume plus where to score spooky decor

The growing number of Prague shops devoted to all things Halloween—from pumpkins to fright wigs—says that in the Czech Republic, the holiday is here to stay. And given that Halloween is essentially a mash-up of the Czech children’s celebration maškarní ples (masked ball) and the Velikonoce (Easter) ritual of going door-to-door in search of treats, that makes frighteningly good sense. Some tips and tricks for outfitting your home and your family for the festivities.


Opened in 2014, this shop is conveniently  located by the metro and has a great selection of of costumes and accessories. Costume sales and rentals are acompanied by a large offer of decorations. Staff is friendly and English-speaking.

Vlatavká 28, Praha 5 (Smíchov)
+420 727 841 878 (costume shop) (costume rental)

A stylish costume shop with a long tradion, located near to tram and metro station Staroměstská, Halloween Store offers a large variety of costumes (around 5,000) and accessories. The staff speaks English and are very helpful.
Křižovnická 8, Prague 1
+420 773 603 090 (costume shop) (costume rental)

One of the biggest costume shops and rentals in Prague, Mega Costume Store can be accessed easily from Karlovo náměstí or Vinohrady (Prague 2) by foot or tram; if driving, parking is also available. The staff speaks English.
Jaromírova 3, Prague 2
+420 601 354 333 (costume shop) (costume rental) 

A new costume shop and rental, which was opened earlier this year, conveniently located 30m from Muzeum metro station. It is fully loaded with Halloween costumes. They also speak English.
Václavské náměstí 64, Prague 1
+420 222 230 537 (costume shop) (costume rental)

Costume shop offering a variety of costumes and accessories – everything you need for a Halloween party!
Dukelských hrdinů 18, Prague 7
+420 777 757 212


Ateliéry Famood rents costumes, props, and accessories. Adult costumes cost approx. 500-1,500 CZK for five day rentals; children’s costumes 350 CZK. The deposit is double the price of rental and requires ID. (ENG friendly)

Agentura Karneval
stocks makeup, wigs, masks, and accessories. Adults’ costumes are 390-890 CZK for a weekend; children’s costumes 290-390 CZK. For more unusual costumes you will be asked to leave a deposit. (ENG friendly)

Barrandov Studio
Barrandov Studio

Barrandov Studio rents out its collection of 260,000 costumes—historically accurate or antique clothes, shoes, wigs and artillery—stored in its legendary hangars. Costumes are 3,000 CZK for hire and another 15,000 CZK in deposit, payable in cash. (ENG friendly)

Ladana specializes in historical and period costume rentals for all ages (think princes and princesses, wizards, Egyptian pharaohs, pirates, and more). Their rentals peak at 500 CZK for three days.

Ateliér Feerie specialize in a wide assortment of costume rentals for kids. Prices at the two places range from 250-500 CZK for up to four days’ rental. You may also purchase costumes from the latter.


Věra Černá‘s makes flapper dresses and feather boas, elf-princess medieval garb, devil and angel getups, and even gangster looks. It’s also possible to rent her costumes, starting at 600 CZK for up to four days.

Zanni crafts beautiful papier-mâché masks. Try on the plague doctor, a traditional Venetian, alluring half-masks, comedy and tragedy faces, and more. Prices start at a reasonable 600 CZK and up.

DIY COSTUMES AND CHEAP COSTUMES is based in Prague with free worldwide shipping. Corsets (for both men and women), creepy Victorian jewelry, even creepier yellow contacts, and all manner of “steampunk” accoutrements are here. (ENG friendly)

The Halloween Store
The Halloween Store

Megasekáč sells oddities like cowboy costumes and clown pants at its chain of thrift stores, Prague’s answer to Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Prague Thriftstore is a great place for inventive and resourceful people who want to create a costume from secondhand finds and recently opened a second location.

Nosferatu specializes in Goth and metal-ware, with a dash of emo thrown in. The Web site also promises patches and pendants and studs, rockabilly gear, and PVC and latex.

MarLen provides inspiration for DIY types with its selection of decorative fabrics. Stores that carry sewing material are plentiful in Prague. Simply search for “látky”. (ENG friendly)

Sparky’s, the toy store with multiple locations across Prague, stocks cheap costumes for both kids and adults year ‘round, as well as silly extras like pumpkin antennae.


Spooky Stuff
Moje Party is a Web site devoted to party supplies, but the big draw is their pumpkin delivery service: Call 602 304 240 and ask for Mr Brotánek (Czech only).

Žerty and HDT stock party favors and dastardly decor at their online party emporiums.
The latter also rents fog machines and DJ equipment.

Pro Party at Galerie Butovice is devoted entirely to all things creepy and crawly as well as party favors like balloons and gift bags. They also hire out face painters and helium tanks for balloons. (ENG friendly)

This-n-That, a novelty shop for everything from candles to oddball ashtrays, has a nice selection of Halloween/harvest goodies and pumpkin paraphernalia galore.

TIP: Your local papírnictví, or stationery shop, is likely to carry a small selection of spooky stuff alongside wigs, novelty hats, fake noses, masks, and face paint. It’s also the place to go for orange and black construction and crepe paper.

Halloween Store - Costume Rental Prague
Halloween Store – Costume Rental Prague


Prague’s farmer’s markets sell pumpkins for anywhere between 40-200 CZK depending on size.

Tesco, Albert, Interspar, and most other supermarket chains, as well as smaller green grocers, sell pumpkins of both the edible and decorative variety. Prices vary depending on weight. Expect to pay anywhere from 60-300 CZK; locations further out of the city center (such as Chodov, Černý Most, Zličín) often have a better selection.

, is 40 km out of town, near Beroun, but owner Jan Brotánek says they will deliver to Prague. Mr. Brotanek speaks English and welcomes your call – he’s happy to accommodate group visits. (ENG friendly)

Pumpkin World, a small farm in East Bohemia, sells sweet potatoes and homemade honey and their corn labyrinth, open through October, is a big hit with wee ones.

OBI not only has an array of decorative pumpkins and gourds, the garden center features an (in)decent display of Halloween decorations.

TIP: Florists (květiny) sell smaller pumpkins, as do stands in and around Prague’s metro stations. Larger florists will also carry Halloween-themed odds-and-ends like decorative pumpkin candles and harvest scented potpourri.

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Who or what will you be this Halloween?

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