Hey! That’s Our Beer Garden: US Tour Bus Features Prague Pics

A rolling advertisement for downtown Concord, NH actually shows a photo of Riegrovy Sady beer garden

An ad on the side of a US tour bus calling on destinations throughout New England, has an interesting Czech connection.

One of the images appearing on the advert, meant to promote an upcoming arts festival in New Hampshire, features millennials lounging on a sun-kissed hillside.

Multiple media outlets, including the Boston Globe and the Associated Press, have now pointed out that the photo in question isn’t actually vibrant downtown Concord—but the Czech capital.

The Prague photo, sourced from free stock website Pexels.com, was taken by Ohio-based photographer Leah Kelley while on study abroad.

Photo: Pexels.com / Leah Kelley
Photo: Pexels.com / Leah Kelley

“That’s not a photo of New England,” Kelley, who created the image while studying abroad in 2014, recently told the Concord Monitor. “It’s from a beer garden on a hill.”

We’re pretty sure we know that beer garden, intimately. It appears to be Riegrovy Sady in Vinohrady.

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Another bus-side image, this one featuring a street painter, was identified as Venice. The snapshot was taken by a German tourist and also hosted on Pexels.com for free use.

The creative agency behind the ad campaign says the photos were meant to be symbolic, branding Concord as a cultural destination, and that, due to time restraints, delivery was rushed.

You’ve been warned: Don’t show up at the Capital Arts Fest next weekend expecting to score klobása and a Kozel.

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