Czech Republic’s Largest Hedge Maze Opens In Prague

A giant natural labyrinth has just opened in Radotín; interactive Ariadne game and other events planned for visitors

A four-year labor of love and some seriously involved landscaping has resulted in the completion recently of the largest natural labyrinth in the Czech Republic.

Located in the Prague neighborhood of Radotín, Arbor Vitae Labyrinth (Tújové bludiště) is a 1,200 meter natural maze comprised of 850 2-meter arbor vitae hedges with a height of 230 cm and a total path length of 950 meters.

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Owner Miloslav Borek plans plenty of interactive games for children and adults alike, including a special game called Ariadne’s Thread based on the Greek myth of the Minotaur.

According to the company’s site: “Walking the labyrinth is a very personal, emerging, and meditative experience where one gains insight into their own essence.”

For directions, opening times, and full price list visit the labyrinth’s website.


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