Lego Build the Change Project to Debut In Prague

For the first time ever the iconic maker of blocks and bricks for small hands will bring its urban-building initiative to the Czech Republic

Lego is asking kids around the world to “Build your future school, neighborhood, or city”—and now children residing in the Czech capital will have the opportunity to transform their vision for Prague into a colorful brick prototype.

Launched in 2007 in association with a group of museums in Denmark (home of the iconic brand) the events have since expanded globally and are now regularly carried out in the United States, Russia, Dubai, Singapore, Australia, France, United Kingdom, Japan, and China.

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In Prague, Build the Change will take place from November 11-13 at DOX  Center for Contemporary Art where children will be encouraged to put their “creativity, imagination, collaboration, and communication” skills to use as they are asked to build their city and how they envision it in the future.

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Says DOX spokesperson Lucie Laitlová: “Each builder will have an almost unlimited number of cubes and mini-figures. Younger kids can spend time in a game corner full of Lego and Duplo cubes.”

The event is free but registration is required as the building activities will take place in time slots.

To learn more or sign up for a time slot see visit

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