My Perfect Night Out: David Černý

My Perfect Night Out: David Černý

David Černý may seem like a crazy man, but in fact he is a very talented sculptor, who has his every move perfectly thought out. Maybe you do not know a face of this man, but you definitely recognize his work. David Černý created a double decker bus with mechanical arms for doing push-ups called London Booster or you could be familiar with two bronze sculptures peeing into their oddly-shaped enclosure. Here, his picks for a perfect night out in Prague.

“My perfect night out would be…. wait. I actually don’t think I can say that here. It would be unforgettable, I can promise you that. Those who know, know. For the rest of you, I’ll share what I would consider a more ‘typical’ and publicly palatable version of how I spend my evenings. Therefore without further ado.. my typical evening in this wonderful city I call home.”

18:00 I like to take advantage of this convenient time, when most people are on their way home from work, in order to host free ‘hands on’ breast health awareness checkups in my home. Breasts are not something I was personally given when I entered this world. But I believe in them. And I want them to stay healthy. Large, small, perky, saggy, let’s all raise a glass to healthy boobs.

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19:00 Well, as you imagine, I’m rather exhausted by the previous hour and I require some down time. Actually, this part of my schedule varies quite a bit. Sometimes I like to explore one of my other interests, film directing. In fact, I’m willing to bet quite a few of you have seen films I’ve directed and probably don’t even know it.. actually on second thought, I’d prefer not to discuss what I do at this time in too much detail, I’ll go ahead and stipulate that there are no selfies allowed.

20:00 Now I usually like to take my bike for a ride up to MeetFactory.. yell at the employees and raise some general chaos before retiring to my studio where I do super awesome secret things. Shhh..


21:00 This is when most people are probably having their dinner, but I’ve been subsisting on a mostly liquid diet for quite some time now… so chances are you’ll find me at Mlynska with a beer in hand and two (or more) hot blondes.

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23:00 Conference call with Mark Zuckerberg regarding our plans to take over the world. This has proven to be my most lucrative pursuit. In fact, I’m only a few acquisitions away from having a track record that would make me eligible as inspiration for the next Bond villain.

My Perfect Night Out: David Černý

1:00 Hopefully I’m asleep by this point because I have to be up early in order to prepare a gourmet hot breakfast for the twelve stray cats I’ve decided to house. I gave up on people years ago.. but cats. Maybe there is hope for cats.


Tell us about your favorite night out in Prague.

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Kristýna comes from Moravia (where you can experience the true taste of wine), and studies Economics and Culture. She loves to taste local cuisine and travel, especially to places throughout Europe that can be enjoyed on a small budget.

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