One For the Weekend: Prague Open Vineyards

For the first time ever, the city of Prague is opening its private vineyards to the public – expect good vintages and secret views

From June 24-25 the city of Prague will be opening to the public, for the first time ever, its municipal and private vineyards.

In an effort to introduce some of the lesser-known corners of the Czech capital, guided tours of individual vineyards will offer information about the past and present workings of a city vineyard.

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Situated in some of Prague’s most scenic outposts, guests will also be treated to rare views of the city from Troja to Vyšehrad, Strahov and Baba.

For more information and to download a map of the open vineyards, go here.

Vineyards that can be visited during this wine walk include:

  • St Clare Vineyard in the Troja Botanical Garden

  • Salabka Vineyard

  • St Wenceslas Vineyard

  • The Gröbovka Vineyard

  • Albertov

  • Vineyard Under Vyšehrad (Pod Vyšehradem)

  • Modřanská Vineyard

  • Máchalka Vineyard

  • Baba

  • Svatojánská Vineyard

  • Strahov Vineyard


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