Outrageous Czech Fake Facebook Events

Coming soon to Prague: rapper “Zeminem” rocks the mic at O2 Arena; plus Jedi honey badgers

Fake Facebook events have been a worldwide trend in social media for awhile now—observe last year’s Crying and Eating Bread By Yourself on the Floor attended by 72,000 people, evidence that the world officially has way too much time on its hands.

A number of Czech fake Facebook events have even managed to achieve global notoriety of late, including this one by Czech teenager Jan Štacl and friends who planned a masturbation marathon for June 1, 2016 on Old Town Square.

Some of the 6,000 people who joined the event actually booked flights to Prague and were less than thrilled to learn the whole thing was a hoax.

These upcoming events may, too, be fakes but that doesn’t mean your virtual attendance won’t cause a number of very real groans across your friends network:

Gladiator Cicadas

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

May 28, 2016
Mirage OC Žilina
8K interested; 4.2K going 

It seems like a legitimate (?) Slovak exhibition devoted to guinea pigs (a similar exhibition was recently organized in Prague) has spawned a fake Facebook event on the same date that offers a degustation of original guinea pig recipes from grandmother.

Illegal Races of Jedi Honey Badgers Driving Laser Raptors

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

May 17, 2016
Vaclav Havel Airport
10K interested; 6K going

Description: “The premier race Jedi Honey Badgers on laser raptors will be held this year in an underground garage of Vaclav Havel airport. Each participant is obliged to have their raptor laser papers. Raptors must also pass the entrance examination. Anyone who is interested in renting a raptor, we entered into a collaboration with Raptor Laser Rental Services.”

Zeminem at 02 Arena

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

September 1, 2017
20K interested; 17K attending

Description: “I invite everyone to a celebratory exhibition of specially bred cartilaginous fish. Details of the event are strictly confidential. Nobody knows. Me neither. Admission is voluntary. Proceeds go to help non-profit organizations helping to clean the ocean. The main focus of the event will be jam.”

Your turn: Fake or real? Day Where We Take Down the Alza Guy, Run for Heavy Metal in Grandma’s Clothes, World Championship of Hunting Mentally Retarded Wildebeests with Fusion Energy, Contemplating about the Word Broccoli

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