Pilsner Fest 2011, Aug 26-27

Calling All Beer Lovers! - 2 day beer festival with live music, competitions, and giveaways

Pilsner Fest 2011, Aug 26-27

Calling all beer lovers! The 26th and 27th of August are definite dates to highlight in your diary. Pilsner Urquell will be hosting a two-day festival with live music, competitions, and giveaways for all in attendance.

Pilsner will be providing two live stages located inside the Pilsen Brewery hall which will host twenty renowned musicians and bands for your listening pleasure: Christopher, Chinaski, Wohnout, No Name, Monkey Business, The Prostitutes, Navigators, and regular visitors Tři Sestry, to name a few. For AC/DC fans, the organizers have booked the famous Spejbl Helprs, one of the best revival bands in Central Europe. The well-planned musical lineup will serve as the perfect soundtrack to your 2011 Pilsner Fest! The finale of the event will be marked by a beautiful fireworks display, giving a visual spectacle as accompaniment to the musical entertainment.

Pilsner have also introduced a new and exciting opportunity for the up-and-coming bands outs there. Lesser-known musicians and bands have a great opportunity to take part in the Urquell talent competition. All musical material can be submitted through the Pilsner Fest website. Material will be considered by Dan Bárta and Pavel Anděl of the Pilsner Urquell judging panel. Six finalists will be selected from the submissions and will then go through into the finals, which will be judged by those in attendance at the 2011 Pilsner Fest.

Pilsner Fest 2011, Aug 26-27

Pilsner have considered both the artistic as well as the musical. They will also be running competitions for young photographers, sculptors, jewelers, and painters who want to take their art to the next level. In the categories “Best photo” and “Best work of art (sculpture, jewelry & painting)”, the best thirty submissions were selected from photographs and works of art submitted. The winners will be displayed as part of the Pilsner Fest exhibition, taking place in the streets of Pilsen. Finalists were selected by experienced jurors lead by famous photographers Adolf Zika and Herbert Nightingale.

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There will be plenty to see and do at this year´s Pilsner festival. Don´t feel left out. If you are neither musically or artistically inclined then you´ll be pleased to hear that you can still take part in the festivities. Pilsner would like to invite you all to help break an important record! A vital point of the festival program will be the attempt to break the record for a mass toast, which was set at last year’s Pilsner Fest. The ambitious record was set in the Pilsen brewery on Friday, August 26, 2010 at 21:15, when 5,332 visitors raised their beverage in unison. A beautiful sight! So make sure that you are there this year to beat last year´s record and to be a part of beer drinking history!

There will be plenty of other activities on offer. Pouring tutorials: where you have an opportunity to play bartender for the day! Or perhaps golf? You have the opportunity to use the golf simulator to practice your swing and technique. There will also be a Hall of Fame, showcasing the most important monuments in the brewery world. The highlight of the tour will offer visitors the all important Pilsner Urquell tasting of unfiltered and unpasteurized beer.

This exciting two-day event should not be missed. There really is something for everyone. Whether you have a love for the arts, sport, or simply beer, this will be an event for you to enjoy! Plenty of good music provided over a number of stages. Tutorials on everything from golf to cooking and, of course, lots of beer! Be sure to be a part of this year´s Pilsner Festival, raise your beverage, and break a record!

Pilsner Fest 2011, Aug 26-27

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