Rock for People Day 3

Good Vibes on Day 3 of RfP!

Thursday started with slightly overcast skies. The early morning mission back to my tent left me with a smile on face thanks to the fantastic performances from Canada’s greatest import: Billy Talent. The supremely cool band surprised me with a different brand of banter, perhaps it’s the Canadian sense of humour, but the four-piece’s Polish born, front-man: Benjamin Kowalewicz came with a unique brand of houmour that didn’t quite realate to all members of the adoring audience that the band had drawn to the tented Staropramen stage. Between the band’s rowdy hits, you’d find gleaming gems of dry wit from Benjamin. Clearly taking advantage of their audience’s lack of English with blue jokes and even bluer titles. I’d usually question his gaul when addressing such a loving crowd, but it definitely worked! I enjoyed the band’s set, both the standing, surfing and seated fans seemed to lap up every second of the bands performance.

Papa Roach experienced some set backs with power cuts, but it did little to supress the love the audience showed. The Cali based band were clearly antagonised after the third failure with sound, but acknowledged the crowds obvious support despite the loss in translation. Jacoby of Papa, said, “That they had played over 250 shows across Europe and this was bar far the best that they had experienced”. We could hear the sentiment resonate throughout the packed Staropramen stage. A nice touch, I thought. Papa Roach clearly still have it. Their show was a 90’s throw back that so many Rfp heads enjoyed!

The weather held out for the second day of the Rock-Fest. I enjoyed supreme banter with fun-loving, like-minded people at Rfp. Wherever, my weary legs took me I found nothing but love and respect, in true Rock-fest style.

The Youtube Stage offered UK’s Hacktivist who combine Skream-like dubstep with guitars and rap. The unique sound whipped the slightly minimal crowd  into a circular frenzy. Every single person under the roof showed their appreciation kinetically.

I’m really looking forward to the final day at Rock for People, focused purely on Czech bands.

Keep your fingers crossed for blues skies and more of those good vibes. Be safe, be lucky, drink and consume responsibly. We all know there is lots of fun to be had.

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Photo: Roberto Alvarez, LVE Photography

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