Rubber Gloves Plus Real Nudes Equal Prague’s Steamiest Summer Exhibit

Walking the line between performance art and porn, a Slovak-born exhibition gets a showing in the Czech capital this August

An exhibition whose mere name is likely to make many among us blush, is coming to Prague this summer.

The first VOAYER exhibition took place in Bratislava. Though it lasted for just 12 hours, stretched arcoss three days, it was visited by over 700 people.

In August, the exhibit, in which a series of nude women are presented in submissive sexual positions (promoters are calling it “The Exhibition of Real Naked Women”), will open at DUP39 near Národní třída.

According to organizer Mário Petreje, the experience is meant to bring people closer to the community of less common sexual practices, while showcasing the beauty of the human body and sexual experience.


“Nudity is nowadays more common in the online world than in reality. Just like sex, we experience the nudity of other beings in the full present moment. Therefore the only and also important goal of the VOAYER expositions, is to convey an exciting experience of the present moment.”

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Speaking to, Petreje stressed that while the live models are in positions that may be considered humiliating to some, they all work on a voluntary basis.

Each has her own personal bodyguard, as well, and the exhibition has a strict protocol for visitors, including the use of rubber gloves and a 1.5-hour time limit for visits.

Wait a minute, rubber gloves?

That’s right, visitors to the exhibit are allowed to “gently touch or caress” some of the models.


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Naturally, the show is no stranger to controversy. In Bratislava, an activist filed a criminal complaint against the organizers for suspicion of trafficking women, pimping, and threatening the moral education of Slovak youth. No legal action was taken, ultimately.

In a statement to Echo24, Director of the Czech Women’s Lobby Jana Smiggles Kavková, was similarly unfazed:

“It’s from 18 years old, it’s for people who like SM practices, it’s openly conceived, I have no problem [with] such an action [when created] for a specific audience. It always depends on the context,” she said.

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The exhibit takes place from August 17-19 with tickets available for a series of time slots each day.

Tickets are 669 CZK.

Visit the official website of the exhibition for further rules, regulations, and to buy tickets.

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