Shhh! 7 Underground Club Venues

Shhh! 7 Underground Club Venues

We take a look at some of the city’s lesser known venues. A party path off the beaten, well-trodden track that may provide artistic enlightenment and/or musical insight. Fresh names, concepts and events as we take a look at Prague’s hush-hush locations!

Terminal b

Shhh! 7 Underground Club Venues

Ruff & rugged. Think New York, squat party with study bar. Friendly and accommodating English speaking bar-staff.Prague’s Move Association (a group of progressive and thoughtful club night promoters) moved themselves into the haunting Žižkov freight station with the blessing of Prague 3 city council. A fairly makeshift bar (and outside smoking area) with a large dance-floor and huge wall space which accommodates visuals and projections inside the interesting space. A great venue with a great feel. The neighbourless freight area means that events can run without interruption into the early hours. However, the club’s layout doesn’t lend itself to Prague’s harsh winters so make sure you check the venue’s website before heading down as often events are subject to weather conditions. Wrap up warm as Terminal b’s high ceilings and open layout might result in a chilly-secretive night out!

Nákladové nádraží (Prague 3)
Key words: Art-space, live music, late night, no neighbours


Shhh! 7 Underground Club Venues

Basic no frills interior for the former pop-up now permanent venue. A hub for the cities music purists and talent. You’ll likely find the cream of Prague’s creative scene hob-nobbing and enjoying the venue’s superior sound-system. Located in the Kulturní centrum Vltavská, which already attracts many creative types to the countless offices, studios, head-quarters and ateliers based in the daunting communistic building. NEONE started as a “pop up” project by the successful team but became a more permanent fixture thanks to a series of triumphant events. Despite its more permanent status, the venue still retains its pop-up spirit. Occasional hiccups with sound and bottled beers running out during busier events are to be expected. From the inside NEONE feels like an abandoned office with an excellent sound-system. This place ticks a lot of boxes, good events, system and nice staff with easy connections by tram or metro.

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Bubenská 1 (Prague 7)
Key words: Permanent, creatives, interesting program, minimal bar


Shhh! 7 Underground Club Venues

Think uber-cool office party, with that all important secretive edge. Skylight style celling with ample space for projections and art installations this space doubles as a cafe and nightspot.Housed in the Kulturní centrum Vltavská. A trendy and happening spot that has managed to remain fairly unknown to the city’s masses (until perhaps now!). Expect highbrow events from Europe’s avantgarde with portable beer station providing beverages for the elite clientele the venue effortlessly attracts. Large and airy making it the largest kept secret. Well worth checking out should you get the coveted invitation!

Bubenská 1 (Prague 7)
Key words: hush-hush, invite only, spacious secret

Basement Bar

Shhh! 7 Underground Club Venues

Super limited space & hush-hush. This venue keeps its anonymity by offering its punters rare and exclusive events with limited admittance numbers. Not strictly a secret venue, but certainly lesser known. The Francouska spot housed in the bowels of the Czech Inn hostel, The Basement combines a quirky interior, quality music and art and booze. Check their Facebook and/or website to keep up with what’s on. You’re likely to find an eclectic programme – a mixture of performers and DJs (of varying degrees of fame) – compiled by people who have an obvious love for music and art. The venue’s residential location means that events finish at a reasonable time. One should also be mindful of the sleeping neighbours when leaving the sunken space to avoid run-ins with the police.

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Francouzská 76 (Prague 10)
Key words: Cavernous, pleasant interior, busy touristic crowd, Czech Inn crowd


Shhh! 7 Underground Club Venues

Microna describes itself as an underground warehouse project. Minimal information and Facebook likes (which is always a good sign). Clues such as the Vice Audio sound-system and programme full of names I’ve never heard of give me the feeling that this might be place to be. Shame on me for never hearing/knowing about his place before! An industrial, warehouse space bringing interesting and new names to the city. Well worth checking out!

Československého Exilu 1888/4, (Prague 4)
Key Words: It’s a secret!


Shhh! 7 Underground Club Venues

Organisers of the Letního Festival have procured their own space suitable for all manner of events. Klubnova is described as a culture centre, providing a performance space for Prague 6’s young musicians and film-makers. The only one of the “secret venues” that welcomes events for children. Klubnova welcome bookings and “walk-ins” so why not head down and support their worthy cause.

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Generála Píky, Praha 6 – Dejvice
Key words: Community based, multi-functional space, children welcome

GRID Prague

Shhh! 7 Underground Club Venues

If your name’s not down…Rustic and rugged but perfectly creative, the GRID Prague can be found in the basement of a former 19th Century publishing house. A unique and innovative space initially designed to support young designers and artists but over time has evolved into a fully multi-functional space capable for accommodating interesting and progressive events closed to the general public. Join their Facebook page to receive updates on this intriguing venue.

Opatovicka 18 Prague 1
Key words: Private venue, progressive, basement, closed to the general public


Can you recommend any secret or lesser known venues?

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