This Prague Haunted House is Now Spider-Man Approved
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This Prague Haunted House is Now Spider-Man Approved

Looking to scare yourself and your friends this Halloween in Prague?

Haunted houses have yet to make a big splash in the Czech capital – though Prague Fear House and Thrill Park Prague have been welcome recent additions to the landscape – but another form of group fun has been all the rage over the last few years in the Czech capital.

Dozens of escape rooms have opened up in Prague over the past half-decade, and now dot TripAdvisor’s ratings of fun & games among the best things to do in the city.

One of those escape rooms is The Chamber, which has three locations in Prague (at Petrské náměstí, Bílkova, and New Town Hall in the city center) and currently takes the top position at TripAdvisor’s list of fun and games in Prague.

The Chamber specializes in horror-themed games, and one of their most popular rooms was Haunted House, an experience that dared guests to escape a home haunted by ghosts and promised true supernatural terror.

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This year, The Chamber has brought back a sequel in Haunted House 2: Poltergeist, which comes billed as “one of the scariest and technologically most advanced games in the world” and challenges guests to escape an old mental research facility crafted by professionals from the movie industry.

Movie industry pros aren’t only behind The Chamber’s design: they’re also playing along.

Last month, The Chamber welcomed Peter Parker himself, actor Tom Holland, who was in Prague filming the comic book sequel Spider-Man: Far From Home.

“Positive words and praise for our game still resonate in our ears,” the venue wrote on Facebook of Holland’s visit.

How did he enjoy the Poltergeist room? According to The Chamber, the Marvel superhero was “very afraid”.

You might be, too:

Happy Halloween!

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