Top 20 Things To Do in April

With horse races, silent disco, spring markets and Robbie Williams, the cruellest month is rather the coolest


Public House: Age of Decay – April 5, MeetFactory
Is this a party or a cultural event of great importance? Actually, both. The whole MeetFactory team will greet you with an assortment of artsy activities for 0 CZK admission.

Silent party and Urbex night – April 10, Blink Club
For a few days in April, pop-up club Blink at the Holešovice market stages a silent disco (people having headsets on and moving around to their music channel) with a screening of Czech group Urbex mapping eerily abandoned spots in Prague.

10 years in the EU – April 29-30, Střelecký ostrov
It’s been 10 years since the Czech Republic joined the European Union. Celebrate with a free festival at the newly reconstructed Střelecký island with Tata bojs or Toxique.

Light show: Dorm of the year – April 24, Dorms Jižní Město
The quality of student dorms is sometimes disputable, but the quality of parties held there is not! One of them will take place at the dorms in Jižní Město with a huge light show projecting from the dorm windows.

Top 20 Things To Do in April

Čarodějnice opening party – April 30, Žluté lázně
Do you know the weird Czech celebration of burning witches? For Žluté lázně, the sports, party and cultural area next to Vltava, it’s an occasion to open its door again this year. Free entrance, music, fun for kids and adults.


Horse racing – April 6, Chuchle
The season of horse races is here again this year with the very first race (88. Gomba handicap) taking place on Sunday, April 6th at Velká Chuchle. Start is at 2 pm.

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Bicycle City – April 12-13, Náplavka
After hibernating for the whole winter, the Prague riverbank comes alive again. The second weekend in April will be dedicated to bike artists!

Mass Bike Ride – April 26, Jiřího z Poděbrad
Leaving from the Jiřího z Poděbrad square and heading to Stromovka at Letná, you can see Prague from your bike seat together with tons of other bicyclers. What is the reward after 14 km? A huge party by Tiskárna na vzduchu!

Top 20 Things To Do in April

Run for Světluška – April 29, Stromovka
Help raise awareness of the fact that even people with sight disabilities are enthusiastic sportsmen and run with them at night.

Top 20 Things To Do in April


Shapeshifter – April 3, Lucerna Music Bar
Do you want to be physically transformed into another entity? (That is shapeshifting according to Wikipedia.) Step into LMB on the first April Thursday to let it happen with the New Zealand DnB band. Read our interview with the members here.

Top 20 Things To Do in April

Mladí ladí jazz – til May 2nd, Multiple Locations
April is the month of jazz and this festival (Young Jazz Tunes in translation) brings you a lot of it. Even though the website is in Czech, you can look forward to musicians from the US, UK, Japan, and Norway.


Czech Dance Platform – April 3-6, Multiple Locations
The 4-day festival shows you what the Czech contemporary dance and movement theatre has to offer. Check the program for more info. Performances take place in DOX, Ponec, Alfred ve dvoře, Studio ALTA, and NoD.

Ultima Vez: Talk to the Demon – April 4-6, Archa
This scary picture does not at all reveal the influence recent social media and the internet have on children. The play in Archa Theatre Talk to the Demon does.

Top 20 Things To Do in April

Cirkopolis Fest – April 6-16, Palace Akropolis
No animals needed, no big top, or mud. The new wave of European circus is using people and theatres to prove that physical laws can be denied.

Golem – April 11-20, Štvanice
WARNING: You need to understand at least a bit of Czech to enjoy this unique performance in an old mansion on the Štvanice island. A theatre group will invade every single room in it and even the garden and other surroundings to perform the famous Czech Golem story. Tickets are 300 CZK and will go fast.

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Top 20 Things To Do in April

Lunchmeat Festival – til April 25, Veletržní palace
Lunchmeat is actually an annual wedding of visual arts and urban space. Celebrate its 5th birthday this year, either in the industrial Neone club or at the final evening at the Veletržní palace.


Cinema Cuisine – April 15, Kino Aero
At the second edition of Cinema Cuisine pop-up restaurant, you can taste the menu served at The Grand Budapest Hotel while watching the same name movie. The tickets cost 1,295 CZK and they can make you a vegetarian menu as well.


Spring fashion markets – Ongoing
Tired of shapeless clothing with enormous prices on the tags? More than 150 vendors will gather at the Holešovice Fashion Market on April 25th-27th or choose your outfit from the more than 3,000 pieces at the Ýbrkýbl market on April 4th-5th. If you prefer old, antique, and expensive stuff, Antique Market (April 24th-27th) is the right place for you.

Zdrojovna Collecting  April 13, Radlicka 125
We have already written an article about the secret venue Radlicka which is being slowly renovated. Zdrojovna – the “old things become live again” project – is having a collecting event on April 13th, so you can bring what you don’t need any more and let it be useful again!

Top 20 Things To Do in April

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