Top 25 Things To Do in June

Top 25 Things To Do in June


Bare Foot Run, June 7
Running is not as straightforward as you’d think. Should you run tips over heels? Accelerate on the incline or decline? Run in shoes or barefoot? Give the last option a try at the annual Bare Foot Run.

Top 25 Things To Do in June

Run for Gorillas, June 7
Bare feet compete with gorillas. Globally, this charity event in support of gorillas in the wild has been going on since 2003. In the Czech Republic, it will take place for the fifth time when the African spirits runs from Hradčany square to Náměstí Republiky square. What’s the African spirit? For 500 CZK you can find out.

Top 25 Things To Do in June

Genesis Bike Prague, June 14
Leave behind the Prague concrete jungle and head out into the nearby countryside. Preferably on a bike with a timekeeping device to attend this bike race. Choose between 35 and 65 km and register here (the website is English friendly). Bonus: the race includes babysitting or a post-race bike wash.

Top 25 Things To Do in June

Prague Mayors Eights, June 6-8
These traditional rowing races have proven an amazing spectacle every year since 1910. The boats start at Veslařský Ostrov (the Rowing Island) while the finish is between Railway Bridge and Palackého Bridge. A unique feature of this race is a turn on the route around Vyšehrad. Enjoy from the banks with a beer!


The Great Cheese Showdown, June 17
You know that we Czechs simply love hermelín. And especially the oil-soaked one we eat in restaurants instead of a proper dinner. But there’s truly a wide variety of recipes for this delicacy. Taste them all at this celebration of hermelín at Containall. You can even win a cookbook and a place in the jury here.

Prague Drinks Wine, June 6-7
The first annual wine festival pays tribute to the ancient vineyards that have made Prague a surprising wine-city. At the festival, held in picturesque Troja chateau, you can taste wines from all over Central Europe.

Top 25 Things To Do in June

Žižkov Beer Festival, June 6-7
For the wine-uninclined, here’s a tip for a different festival, which is all about beer. Those who unapologetically love Pilsner, don’t expect to find it here. The main roles are played by small producers and microbreweries.

Apetit Picnic, June 21
Pick up all you need for a picnic from the many vendors at the event and eat it as on a picnic right there in the park. Taste the creations of amateur chefs, some of them making their public debut for the first time. At the same time, you can compete, evaluate, learn to cook, and listen to the Tata Bojs perform!

Top 25 Things To Do in June


Prague Sunday Market, June 1
This market promises a fashion paradise thanks to the young international designers who will be there selling their products. If you don’t happen to appear in paradise, at least you can get tipsy at rotating 360º Bar & Lounge, where the event takes place.

Vintage Market, June 14
Prague never gets tired of fashion markets. If you missed the Prague Vintage Fair last month you can buy retro pieces at Containall at the Vintage Market.

Dyzajn Market, June 21
Dyzajn Market hardly needs to be introduced. The summer edition is expected to happen on June 21. The range of venues it will be held at expands again. In addition to the Piazzetta of the National Theatre and the Mosaic House we will find it also at Era Svět.

Top 25 Things To Do in June


June is filled with great music. See Justin Timberlake (June 3), Jeff Beck (June 4), Bryan Adams (June 18), Soulfly (June 18), Nine Inch Nails (June 11), Billy Idol (June 21) Buena Vista Social Club (June 25) and 30 seconds to Mars (June 30). If you are not into big crowds of crazy fans, try…

Elekce, June 6
You know all the big British electronica names, but when a friend asks you about the Czech electronica scene, you change the subject… This is exactly what Elekce, the Czech electronic music festival, hopes to change. According to the organizers, Elekce hosts the best of what the Czech Republic can offer the genre.

RefuFest, June 7
It happens to me often, when on my way to our office, that I hear only foreign languages around me. Prague is simply a cosmopolitan city now, and cultural festival RefuFest at Prague’s Kampa is proof of that. Admission is free!

Respect Festival, June 14-15
During its short existence, this world music festival has moved all over Prague. From the Prague Castle Riding School (Jízdárna) and Štvanice Island, to the current location, which is the Landronka Park. In addition to music, I always look forward to the international cuisine served at the stands.

Top 25 Things To Do in June

United Islands, June 19-21
The promoters of this Prague music festival decided to move the event to higher ground and built a new stage in the beautiful Kinský Garden. This expensive project was successfully crowdfunded through the HitHit website. We look forward to the new stage.

Hollywood Night, June 16
Last year, 8,000 people came to this event. Break the record this year, by simply showing up at Můstek to listen to famous film melodies performed by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. Admission? 0 CZK!


Museum Night, June 14
We wrote about Museum Night in our Free Spring Events article. The event finds 39 institutions squeezing in eager visitors coming to visit for free and at night. Try it, crowds be damned.

Open Garden Weekend, June 14-15
What beautiful formal gardens are hidden at large institutions normally closed to the public and what secret private gardens are hidden in courtyards! This weekend, you will have a chance to finally peek in.

TEDxPrague, June 21
The subtitle of this year’s TEDx conference in Prague is “Under the Hood”. Speakers will get you to stop and think about things more deeply, whether it be the urban landscape, art, science, or fashion. Simultaneous translation is guaranteed.

reSITE, June 19-20
This is perhaps the only event in June, for which you will have to take vacation days because it is not over the weekend. But it’s certainly worth it. Meet and chat with world-renowned architects, planners, and urban logistics.

Cimrman in English, June 20
When the Czechs voted for the greatest Czech of all time they chose Jara Cimrman, a character who lives only on a theatre stage. Cimrman stories use to be played only in Czech, but now expats can appreciate Czech humor because the ensemble has decided to translate it to English. Win a few tickets to see the rehearse-readings in June here.


Holi Open Air, June 21
A unique opportunity to completely mess up all your white clothes. Holi Festival was named after the eponymous Indian feast and its purpose is to create a color confusion. Watch out for colours!

Mikro AMSTERDAM, June 21
Microna is a new pop-up club in the warehouse of a building that always seemed giant to me when I was growing up in this Prague 4 neighbourhood. And it is still a cultural giant, occasionally hosting concerts of electronica and other events. The next show will be held on June 21.

Freight Station Žižkov, June
I just love these new alternative spaces and Nákladové nádraží Žižkov (Freight Station Žižkov) is another example of how to use old but magical buildings. Choose from concerts (classical (June 23) or ska (June 24), theatre performances (June 1, in Czech), or exhibitions in this industrial setting.

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