Top 30 Things To Do in September

Swap vinyl, blow bubbles, and stop procrastinating – life advice or things to do this month in Prague?


Opera at Šárka – September 6
Soloists, chorus and orchestra of the National Theatre will perform the opera “The Devil and Kate” by Antonín Dvořák in the natural theatre at Divoká Šárka. FREE.

Gram Bazaar – September 6
A vinyl exchange at the riverbank (near Bajkazyl) is sure to be like a candy store for lovers of LPs! After swaping old music or buying new, stay to enjoy the huge afterparty. FREE.

Top 30 Things To Do in September

Dvořákova Praha – September 7-22
Antonín Dvořák is one of the most significant, if not THE most significant, of Czech composers. This festival is a celebration of classical music in Prague (transalted as Dvořák’s Prague) and kicks off in the village of Dvořák’s youth – Zlonice.

Pharell Williams – September 17
With a busy pop-concerts program this fall, is Pharrel your number one? Tickets rane from 990 to 1590 CZK.

In Flames – September 29
One of the top live metal bands of the current scene plays their brand new album Siren Charms at Roxy, Sept. 29 with, I hope, the same gusto as they did at when I saw them in 2010.


Fresh Film Fest – September 17-21
This international festival features young directors’ debuts and students work, which compete for jury recognition. This year’s theme is inspired by Aldous Huxley’s dystopian classic Brave New World.

Film Music Prague – September 24-26
With VIP hosts Elliot GOLDENTHAL (Alien 3, Interview with the Vampire, Titus) and Patrick DOYLE (Thor, Eragon, Hamlet, Harry Potter 4, Rise of the Planet of the Apes) you can enjoy the musical side of the movie business.

Čačikano – September 26-27
This is the first year of a new Film Festival of Roma Culture taking place at the end of September at the cinema Svetozor. The vast majority of the movies are English friendly.


Bubbles Day – September 1
Old Town Square has proven a favourite place to host flash mobs, such as a massive pillow fight. Hundreds of bubble blowers at a time is definitely an interesting experience, too.

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Ladronkafest – September 6
Ladronka festival is a crazy hodgepodge of leisure activities, including lacrosse, climbing, American football, fencing,… FREE.

Top 30 Things To Do in September

Crazy Festival – September 9
Tata Bojs, theater, summer cinema, workshops and a large market selling handicrafts made by mentally disabled patients from all over the country. All proceeds from the event are intended to improve their care. Admission is free so go and support a good cause!

Indian Summer at Bohnice – September 13
The psychiatric hospital in Bohnice is probably the most well-known in the country. Again, this event aims to introduce and make the hospital’s environment accessible to incoming visitors who are not mentally disabled. I highly recommend this event, the Bohnice area is beautiful.

Zažít město jinak – September 20
The name can be translated as “Experience the city differently.” It’s a neighbourhood festival, which in many locations throughout Prague (and Hradec Kralove, Jablonec nad Nisou, Ostrava) will transform the streets into cultural spaces full of theater, food, sports and other activities.

Top 30 Things To Do in September

Be International Fest – September 25
A new event aiming to bring together Czech and international student communities. Střelecký ostrov will be a place where you can meet with various international students organizations, embassies and others with an international focus.


Prague Burgerfest – September 6-7
There is no admission fee to the largest gathering of all the top end burger restaurants in Prague. Invite your taste buds to a burger party served by Dish, James Dean, Kandelábr and many others.

Goat Day – September 12
Containall often hosts unusual foodie events (remember the Great Cheese Showdown or Chilli čili fest?). This time, an entire Saturday in September will be devoted to goats and all products they can enrich us with.

Top 30 Things To Do in September

Vegefest – September 27-28
Every world cuisine has its own vegetarian meals (smažák stands for the Czech Republic). Taste them all at Vegefest with a beautiful view of Prague from Vyšehrad. There is also a rich accompanying program.

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Hog-Killing Feast – September 27
I hope visitors of Vegefest won’t attack zabijačka lovers and vice versa. White pudding, brawn, blood soup, … some of us are starting to salivate already, but I don‘t know what to expect of this recently announced butcher’s show. We’ll see…

Top 30 Things To Do in September


Prague Fashion Weekend – September 3-7, Unique Fashion Week – September 8-14
There has been a dispute between these two events of who should be the real Prague Fashion Week. It ended up by one being named as Weekend, and the other as Unique, both presenting the best of mainly Czech fashion designers.

Top 30 Things To Do in September

ArtWay Fest – September 12-14
Art, dancing, concerts, DJs or discussions, all regarding contemporary art. Held at progressive so-called cultural sport centre Radlická.

World Press Photo – September 11 – October 5
I love this exhibition every year despite how deeply the photographs affect me, or maybe just because of it. Take a pause and appreciate these captured moments from all over the world.

Architecture Week – September 15 – October 12
This prolonged Architecture Week actually lasts for 4 weeks. Happening throughout Prague, it is hosting exhibitions, international lectures and conferences.

Architecture Week
Architecture Week

Public House – September 27
Again, MeetFactory will open all normally closed areas to visitors to show them all of their departments together on one special night. What’s on? Arts, music, theater, artists of MeetFactory’s residency program, films and performances.

Top 30 Things To Do in September


The End of Procrastionation – September 7
The whole Czech Republic wants to stop procrastinating lately, thanks to a publication Konec prokrastinace by Czech author Petr Ludwig, the head of GrowJOB institute. Finally, they have seminars in English!

Top 30 Things To Do in September

Science Fair – September 10
Not only experiments will take place at the Science Fair which is co-organised by ICT Prague, Czech Technical University in Prague and the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry under the Czech Science Academy. If you still don’t have enough of science, hit the Night of Science on September 26.

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The World of Technology – September 26, Ostrava
If you are fascinated by old industrial plants and by science as it is, head once again this year to Ostrava’s location Dolní Vítkovice. Another multimedia and interactive centre is being built here and will consist of the World of Science and Discoveries, World of Civilisation, World of Nature and Children’s World.

Top 30 Things To Do in September

WebExpo – September 12-14
Compared to other similar web/media/marketing festivals is this one’s ticket quite cheap – 3,000 CZK (till the end of August). Reserve your place to discover the world’s most important web personalities from Google, Twitter or Spotify!


Birell Grand Prix Prague – September 6
Yes, I signed up for this race together with my dad and I am happy he promised to run the whole length on my side (he is 25 years older but runs 10k a few times a week. I made it with great effort only once) so we can enjoy Prague at night!

Top 30 Things To Do in September

Big Fall Critical Mass Bike Ride – September 14
The speed of the critical mass is as slow as possible so as not to fall off the bike. That’s what is said at the webpage of the event. It is for free, it’s long 14 km with an afterparty at the end.

LifeInLine Tour Prague – September 21
Anyone can run, but skating requires better training. If you trust yourself enough to be able to turn or brake (unlike me), you can join this in-line skating race at Rohanské nábřeží in Prague.

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