Try Top Czech Wines at Prague Castle this Weekend

The 11th edition of the Castle’s annual Wine Harvest Festival will be held on Saturday & Sunday, September 17-18

What better venue to sample some of the Czech Republic’s finest wines than at the majestic Royal Gardens of Prague Castle?

As summer comes to a close, the 11th edition of the annual Vinobraní na Pražském hradě (Wine Harvest Festival at Prague Castle) will take place in the Castle’s beautiful Royal Gardens this weekend, September 17-18.

Visitors can sample not just wine, but also freshly-pressed non-alcoholic grape juices as well as the country’s celebrated burčák, a sweet and dangerously easy-to-drink young wine made from this year’s harvest.

Local wineries represented at this year’s fest include Spielberg, Mikrosvín Mikulov, Tanzberg Mikulov, Vinařství Fučík, Víno Blatel, Davinus, and many others.

Snacks & treats will also be available from over 30 regional manufacturers.

Because of increased security at Prague Castle, visitors can expect additional security measures to be in force at this year’s edition of the festival.

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Entry to the Royal Gardens is free of charge. For 120 CZK, visitors will receive a commemorative glass and access to a special wine tasting located in the Castle’s Ball Room. 

More information about Vinobraní na Pražském hradě can be found on the official pages of Prague Castle.

Prague Castle is not the only Vinobraní destination in Prague this weekend, however; the 20th edition of the ever-popular Vinohradské Vinobraní will also take place at Jiřího z Poděbrad on Friday & Saturday.

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