Visionary Architect Jan Kaplický Gets Prague Retrospective

The 80th birthday of the world-renowned Czech architect will be commemorated with an exhibit at Dancing House Gallery

A new exhibition opening in the Dancing House Gallery this November commemorates the 80th anniversary of Czech architect Jan Kaplický, whose neo-futuristic designs include the Selfridges Building in Birmingham, UK, and the Lord’s Cricket Ground Media Centre in London which won a World Architecture Award in 2001.

The retrospective exhibit is being presented by the Kaplický Centre and Czech architect Eva Jiřičná, a close friend who said of Kaplický in a recent press statement: 

“Jan Kaplický was an architect, designer, artist. His work bears witness to the present with an extraordinary opening of his eyes to the future.”

Villa, 2007
Villa, 2007

Fans of the architect, who also dabbled in jewelry, tableware, and fashion design, will get a glimpse into his early life and creative process and see objects and plans previously unknown to the public, many of them donated by his estate.

The exhibition will also focus on iconic works such as the Czech National Library model, also known as “the Blob,” which was controversially rejected by the Prague city council despite public outcry, and other visionary moments in his career.

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Fauteuil, 2003
Fauteuil, 2003

Futuristic vehicles, including spaceship designs, will also be on display.

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Jan Kaplický died unexpectedly in January 2009.

JKOK Infinity Jan Kaplický opens November 8, 2016 and runs through March 3, 2017.

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