The Best Events in February

The Best Events in February

The Best Events in February

Music from Silence, February 12+13, Czech Museum of Music
Clarinet Factory has joined their musical talents with the
well-known Czech artist and performer Petr Nikl and percussionist Alam Vitouš. Together they have created a site-specific, multi-genre project that will takeplace at the special venue of the Czech Museum of Music.

Lake Malawi, February 26, Palac Akropolis
Remember Charlie Straight? The promising Czech band recording in New York and fruitfully chasing their dreams? Well, they fell apart last fall. The band’s singer Albert Černy goes on, though, accompanied by a few old and a few new folks in his most recent London-based band project.

The Best Events in February

The Body Present, February 3, NoD
NoD at Dlouhá is a gallery, café, concert venue and theatre. The performance The Body Present connects theatre with a fashion show, DJ set and vocals. Get a wholly complex experience on February 3rd.

Book Burning, February 4+5, Archa Theatre
This critcally acclaimed play about knowledge and riddles was quite a hit in the Flemish theatre. Let’s see how it works with Czech audiences. Forget everything you thought you knew about history and the current political situation.

Portioning the Art – Pig Slaughter 2014, February 8-10, Studio ALTA
The time for zabijačka is upon us again, and this year it’s not only about filling up on roasted pig pieces, but also pieces of quality theatre. Is this more of a gastro or a theatre event? Can these two fields cooperate? See for yourself when the actors at studio ALTA stage a zabijačka outside the theatre.

Malá Inventura, February 20-26, Multiple Venues
Eight theatre venues in Prague will perform their best contemporary pieces under the heading of Malá Inventura at this international festival of the new theatre. The Nest at Veletržní palace will also host top foreign theatre industry players who’ll take part in related discussions and relaxing activities.

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The Best Events in February

How the New World Symphony Conquered the World, till February 23, Czech Museum of Music
Yes, again the Museum of Music. But having travelled across the USA twice and hearing Dvořák a few times a day on the radio, I would like to know the answer to this question myself: How did his New World Symphony conquer the world?

Snapshot by Mike Brodie
Snapshot by Mike Brodie

Only The Good Ones: The Snapshot Aesthetic Revisited, till June 4, Rudolfinum
How many snapshots do you have stored on your PC or a cell phone that you pray to keep secret or plan to delete and make space for new ones? Wait, don’t do it, you might became a star photographer! The progressive Galerie Rudolfinum is currently showing more than 200 of such works.

Nikola Čulík – Turnkey Exhibition, February 5–28, MeetFactory
Drawings are not boring! At least that’s the impression you should come away with at this new site-specific exhibition at MeetFactory, where the drawings will expand into the entire space and you will actually be able to enter them. Czech artist Nikola Čulík will also act as a curator choosing another artist to work on this project and taking him deep in his own style.

The Best Events in February

La Película, February 18–26, Světozor
You don’t have to travel to Spain to escape cloudy, snow-covered Prague. Simply settle into Světozor with a glass of sangria (no, they really don’t mind if you take drinks to the auditorium) and enjoy this 9th-annual festival of Spanish movies.

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Rock for Churchill, February 20, Lucerna Music Bar; Let it Roll, February 28, Výstaviště
Warm up, literally, as two of the big summer festivals are having their winter editions in February which is thus far becoming the warmest month of the year! What DnB dose are you gonna give it up for? Danny Byrd + Sigma (= LIR) or The Qemists + N.O.H.A. (= RFCH)?

The Best Events in February

The Best Events in February

Bondage Workshop, February 2, Q Café
Bored by a so-called romantic Valentine’s Day complete with hand-holding and eye-gazing above a cooling super expensive dinner? Heat it up already! Take part in a special bondage workshop. It will be held mainly in Czech, though you will surely learn something new thanks to the, ahem, practical demonstrations.

Ice Statues, February 8–9, Harfa Roof
Ok, I warmed you up with summer festivals and a bondage workshop; it’s time to cool down again for the rest of the winter. You can do so by visiting the roof of Harfa shopping mall. It will give you the opportunity not only to skate but also admire huge “Olympic” ice statues!

AppParade, February 24, Bio Oko
A basic knowledge of Czech is all you need to enjoy this event at one of Prague’s most notable cinemas. AppParade is devoted to discovering the freshest apps and spreading the word on the Czech market. Though not all of them will win the competition, some apps might be quite useful for life in Prague!

The Best Events in February

The Best Events in February

The Best Events in February

Super Bowl XLVIII, February 2, Multiple Locations
Here we go again! I can’t wait to see the game on February 2nd. Actually, what I want to see the most are the Super Bowl ads. Prague’s sports bars offer you plenty of chances to catch the penultimate American football event, live. Try Hard Rock Café or TGI Friday’s (both for 150 CZK per person) or check out our sports bar guide here.

Cross Country Skiing
Can’t make it to the mountains this year? Cross your skis at two spots in Prague. One is traditional and is located in Chuchle, where horses typically race to the finish. After waiting almost two months for snow and cold weather, the area  finally opened on January 27th. You can get the equipment for free. Visit their website here. The other area will be a a pop-up Olympic Park in Letná. It is considered to be the accompanying program for the upcoming winter Olympic Games in Sochi, so it will all break out on February 6th! Check the website for more info here.


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