Citywide Ice Alert Issued for Prague

Prague emergency services reports that more than twenty people have wiped out on sidewalks this morning

Prague is currently paralyzed by ice on sidwalks and roads, say multiple local sources (as well as our staff on the ground in Karlin)!

At least thirty people have wiped out thanks to the current slippery situation throughout the city, reports

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From Prague emergency services on Twitter:

“#Ledovka In Prague: 30 people already fell due the ice, waiting time for ambulance in non-emergency could be delayed!”

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Hundreds of workers have been cleaning streets and sidewalks both manually with salt and with plows since around 10am this morning. 

The slippery situation has had pedestrians, drivers, and buses on alert throughout the day with several bus lines temporarily suspending service (124, 148, 172, 245 and 255).

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Stay safe and adjust travel plans accordingly!

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