Holiday Travel In the Czech Republic Will Be a Challenge this Easter

Traveling locally and between Czech cities will reportedly be a challenge this year; plan ahead say rail carriers and transit authorities

Ekonomika iDnes is reporting that rail carriers have predicted a huge increase in the demand for travel during the Easter season; up to 30 percent higher than usual.

The biggest impact on holiday travel is expected Thursday afternoon, in the direction of Prague to Moravia and, on Monday, in the direction from Moravia to Prague.

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Regiojet, Czech Railways, and Leo Express will strengthen connections but it is suggested that passengers buy their tickets as soon as possible as some routes are already fully booked.

Those staying locally will also face the inconvenience of multiple transit closures on the Prague metro.

Beginning March 30, the Dejvická metro station (line A) will close for repairs until April 2.

Substitute transport is provided by regular tram lines from Hradčanská and Bořislavka metro stations.

Repairs on metro line C between Pražského povstání and Kačerov will be interrupted during the long Easter holiday as well, closing on March 30 until April 2, 2018.

During daytime operation, a substitute bus service XC will operate while bus lines 135 and 196 will be reinforced. See the Prague Transit Authority website for more.

Additional Easter closures include shops with a sales area of larger than 200 square meters which must be closed by law on Easter Monday (stock up on chocolate and eggs early!).

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