Prague among Top 3 European Cities For Public Transport Use

Prague among Top 3 European Cities For Public Transport Use

The European edition of U.S. political server Politico released its Urban Mobility Index last week, a ranking of twenty of the Continent’s biggest cities based on how easy and pleasant they are to get around in.

Scores were based on each city’s performance in four distinct areas considered crucial to the quality of the commuter experience: air pollution, traffic congestion, cycling, and mass transit. 

Helsinki was crowned the best city in Europe for commuters.

Prague took number 12 overall—and some of the stats shown were downright depressing: only 1 percent of Praguers cycle to work; by comparison, in Amsterdam and Copenhagen, over 30 percent of residents commute by bicycle.

Prague also scored low in terms of air-pollution levels.


Onto the positives: Prague is the third cheapest city in Europe for the cost of a single city public transport ticket (bested only by Budapest, #2, and Warsaw, #1). 

The Czech capital was also #3 for the high percentage of people that use its mass transit—43.3 percent, joining Budapest (45%) and Warsaw (54%) in the top tier cities for public transport use.

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The index, says Politico, is not a scientific study into every facet of a city’s transit system, but rather a look at how effectively and efficiently citizens are able to get about.

See the full ranking here

The city of Prague is committed to improving its transit system with recent announcements that it would be adding some thirty new tram lines, as well as continued expansion of its metro system.

Read more about how the city is tackling the air-pollution problem here. is a comprehensive and popular portal for the English-speaking community, offering a wide range of information geared toward foreigners living and working in Prague and the Czech Republic.

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