Prague Gets a New Taxi Service Just For Women Run By Women

Similar to services in London and Paris, next month will see the launch of a taxi service for women only

Women for Women,” that’s the motto of a new Czech taxi service, Taxita, which will employ only women drivers and provide services just for women.

According to a report in yesterday’s, the service is due to launch in Prague on April 1.

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Following in the footsteps of London’s Pink Ladies or Women Drive in Paris as well as women-helmed taxi companies in Norway, India, Russia, and South Africa, the aim of Taxita is to guarantee women a safe journey home while also ensuring the safety of its drivers.

Daniela Vrbová, one of the founders of Taxita, told the publication: “Our experience as taxi drivers has been reflected in the idea of making taxis easier for both customers and drivers.”

Taxita will begin operations with a fleet of 145 cars; tariffs range from 22 to 28 CZK per kilometer. Similar to Liftago, prices will be impacted by demand.

From a technical point of view, our application works much like Uber, that is, it combines customers with drivers, but that is the only similarity between us and Uber.”

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She adds that the service, like Liftago, is run by licensed taxi drivers: “All of our drivers meet the professional requirements for taxi drivers,” Vrbová says.

The article notes that there are an estimated 399 women taxi drivers in Prague compared to some 8,000 men.

Ms. Vrbová gives her take on the Czech capital’s taxi scene on her (Czech only) blog Prague Taxi Bitch.

Prague taxi drivers currently have the world’s attention following multiple driver protests against Uber; government officials recently reached an agreement with the company that will see the ride-sharing app subjected to regulation in the Czech Republic.

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