Prague to Průhonice Tram Line Could Be In the Works

Prague to Průhonice Tram Line Could Be In the Works

The scenic village of Průhonice is a day-trip draw for its UNESCO-listed neo-Renaissance castle, scenic park and garden complex, and several worth-the-trip restaurants including gourmet farmhouse Babiččina zahrada.

But relying on public transport from the center to get there—the trip involves a metro and outer-city bus ride—can take some serious commuting. All of this could change, however, if a new plan to link the Czech capital with the Central Bohemian region via tram is set in motion.

Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek announced last week that Prague is considering building a tram line that would extend to Zdiby in the north, and Průhonice and Jesenice in the south, reports 

“Closest to the commencement of project activities should be a tram line from Prague 8 to Zdiby,” said Dolínek, adding that a tram connection to villages to the north of the capital is in great demand.

Two tram lines to the south could feasibly be added in “the coming years”—a line that would access Čestlice and Průhonice and another to Jesenice, to be considered an extension of the metro D line.

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A research study is currently being carried out to determine which way the tracks should lead.

The lines to the central region are part of a recently announced transport development strategy that would see the construction of nearly three dozen tram tracks in Prague and vicinity by the year 2030.

The length of the tram network in Prague is 142.4 kilometers; trams carry over 360 million passengers annually. is a comprehensive and popular portal for the English-speaking community, offering a wide range of information geared toward foreigners living and working in Prague and the Czech Republic.

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