Prague’s Beloved Grease Tram Gets Some Siblings

Remember the Mazací tramvaj sensation? Prague is currently testing a new way of greasing its tram tracks

The Grease Tram (Mazací tramvaj), a special vehicle that travels Prague’s streets daily, lubricating the tracks to ensure a comfortable – and quiet – journey for its passenger-carrying brethren, slid into our hearts last August.

Its immediate popularity was evidenced by the overwhelming number of locals clambering for a selfie with the little red service vehicle.

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A Facebook fan page was created on its behalf; a web cam monitoring its daily rounds was launched on, and a folk ballad was even written in its honor.

Sadly, the original Grease Tram is currently out of commission for extensive repairs, but is reporting that it is due to get some younger siblings.

Fans of the original may be a little disappointed to discover, however, that the next generation will not be so Instagram-ready.

According to the publication, a trial operation began this Monday with three Škoda 15T trams being kitted out with a fluid discharge nozzle to treat the rails, particularly the curvier sections where wear and tear and squeaking is pronounced.

If the tests go well (trials will run through 2017) the lube units will be installed on a fleet of twenty-five additional 15T trams.

Fans of the Mazací tramvaj can rest assured that the original Grease Tram be made redundant quite yet; it is due to resume its activities in a few weeks.

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