Prague’s Long-Awaited Metro D May Have Just Two Stops

It has been widely reported that the station could open sans six entire stops along the route from Písnice to Pankrac

Those of us who live in Prague have become accustomed to the quirkier side of urban development in the Czech capital – remember the Nádraží Veleslavín station porter debacle?

Now Deputy Minister for Transport Peter Dolínek has announced that the long-awaited D-line metro, connecting the south side of the city to the center, may initially have just two stops.

Passengers would be able to board or exit only at the terminal station in Písnice and transfer stop Pankrac.

The news has been widely reported in the Czech media over the past few days with calling the move “radical” and “unusual.” An architect speaking to the publication called the scenario a belated April Fools joke.

(See our coverage of the ongoing metro D saga for more details about the project).

The city has been unable to purchase the required land to build the stops along the D line’s eight-kilometer route. It hopes the move will speed up construction, saying that further delays could cause a loss of EU funding.

Similar to the Nádraží Veleslavín situation, the city plans to offer a clever D-line hack: a parking lot, situated in the fields of Písnice where commuters can conveniently leave their cars and then continue on to the metro.

It is not yet clear whether the remaining stations will come later if at all as the management company has expressed concerns that the construction of additional stations could get (wait for it) expensive.

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