Ugliest Bus and Train Stations in the Czech Republic Named

These living monuments to the communist Czechoslovak era have long been overdue for some serious repairs

A recent iDnes article encouraged readers to submit photos of the most “repulsive place on the rails” in order to draw attention to some of the country’s more derelict and neglected train stations.

Many of the stations are post-Soviet time capsules with dingy interiors and crumbling facades giving the impression of time having come to a complete standstill.

A number of users who submitted photographs described the stations as living Socialist museums and even prisons. One photographer said of the Dolenice Znojmo station he snapped: “I am very reluctant to believe that this stop could appear in the 21st century.”

The Trpísty station with its boarded up windows drew comparisons to an “unsightly squat.” Thieves have stripped the Trmice station of everything “even a little reminiscent of something metallic,” one reader reported.  

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With a few exceptions, the Czech railway infrastructure administration recently took over maintenance of all of the country’s station stops promising to eventually invest in their modernization.

The article notes that while billions of crowns have gone into fixing the tracks and surrounding areas, cosmetic repairs on the stations themselves are frequently overlooked due to lack of funds.

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See here to view the full gallery of thirty-nine photos.

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