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VIDEO: Prague tram driver helps lost English-speaking boy find parents

The heart-warming Prague story for Christmas 2019: a Prague tram driver stops on his route to help a young boy find his family

Here’s a heart-warming Prague tale to boost your spirits this holiday season.

As first reported by Prague tram driver Josef Chodounský yesterday on his personal Twitter profile yesterday, he happened to come across a young boy while driving on central Prague’s Újezd street near the Hellichova tram stop during his daily route.

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Chodounský sensed that the boy was in need of assistance, and stopped his tram in the middle of the road to help.

“The boy was looking around for a while and his parents [accidentally] left him behind,” Chodounský wrote.

“He tried to watch the tram for a while, but of course it disappeared in the distance. When I saw his desperate expression, I immediately stopped by to find out what had happened to him because I hadn’t noticed it first.”

When Chodounský stopped, the boy – who only spoke English – explained that his parents had boarded a previous tram and left him behind, the driver knew the appropriate course of action.

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“Through tears, he tried to tell me in English what had happened. I knew right away to take him aboard and hurry to the next stop, where I expected to see impatient parents.”

And that’s exactly what they found at the next stop, as seen in the video below, as the parents profusely thanked the Prague tram driver for delivering their son.

“Be careful next time,” Chodounský, who has been driving trams in Prague since 2007, instructed the boy before leaving him with his parents.

Chodounský was apprehensive about sharing the video – a new regulation forbids Prague tram drivers from posting video taken from their routes online – but decided to share it anyway in the spirit of Christmas.

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You can follow more videos from the driver at his YouTube channel.

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