Virtual Lítačka to Debut In Prague Next Year

The company says the new system will mean that you no longer need to stand in long lines to recharge or validate your card

The lack of ease when it comes to payment has long been a complaint by many Prague public transport users who find the current system of fumbling with tickets and cards a hassle.

Pražská Lítačka, the public transport pass adopted by Prague as an Opencard replacement in Spring 2016, has announced that it will offer a handful of convenient services to remedy those complaints in the coming year.

The biggest change? Passengers will no longer need their green cards as proof of fare but could simply provide a bank card or mobile phone to confirm passenger validity.

The company is calling the new service “Virtual Lítačka” and says on a video posted to its Facebook page yesterday that the new system will mean you no longer need to stand in long lines to recharge or validate your card.

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A mobile app is also in development for the purchase of one-time tickets and to complement paper and SMS tickets.

The company says that these are important improvements for a transport system that was recently named the fifth-best in the world the Sustainable Cities Mobility Index 2017.

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