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Can you identify the stations on this emoji map of Prague’s metro?

A new campaign from Komerční banka currently running on Prague’s metro has translated the names of the stations to emojis

Pop quiz: can you name this Prague metro station?

?️ ?️

Classic building, painting… that’s Muzeum, of course – – too easy.

But how about this one?

? ? ?

Bell, dog, saliva… why, that’s I.P. Pavlova, named after the scientist behind the classical conditioning theory (Pavlov’s dogs).

You might have got that one too, but how about this:

? ➕

A present and a plus sign. That would be Dejvice, from the Czech for give (dej) and more (vice).

If you’ve travelled by metro in Prague over the past week, you may have noticed pictures featuring the Czech capital’s familiar stations – – but with all the names replaced by emojis.

The campaign is actually an advertisement for Komerční banka, intended to promote a new credit card.

But it’s been a hit with Prague metro commuters, who have been having fun trying to guess the names of the city’s various stations based on representative emojis.

Some knowledge of Czech, of course, will help for many of the station names: Strašnice is represented by a ghost and a frightened face, while Prosek is a knife.

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Others aren’t based on linguistics, but on landmarks at their location. Muzeum is represented by a museum and painting, naturally, while Florenc is an Italian flag and churches, after its namesake in Italy.

Petřiny, towards the end of the green line in Prague 6, meanwhile, is represented by a tower emoji that recalls the Petřin Tower in the city center.

How many metro stations can you identify based on the emoji map of Prague’s metro?

Click to enlarge (via Komerční banka)

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