Prague Metro with new D line via DPP

Prague to begin construction on Metro D next month, expected to be operational by 2027

The Czech capital has announced that it will start digging for the long-awaited fourth metro line in June
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Long in the making, Prague’s turbulent Metro D project will finally begin to come to fruition in June city councillors announced earlier today as it was revealed that the Prague has finally obtained the land permits needed in order to begin construction.

Work will begin on the new Metro D line in approximately one month, Prague’s Deputy Mayor of Transport Adam Scheinherr told members of the media this afternoon during a press conference.

The first phase of Prague’s new Metro D, which has been given a blue color to go with Prague’s Metro A (green), B (yellow) and C (green) lines, will originate from the existing Pankrác station and continue for four new stations south through Olbrachtova, Nádraží Krč, Nemocnice Krč, and Nové Dvory.

During the second phase of construction, the D line will continue for additional stations to the south: Libuš, Písnice, and a terminus at Depo Písnice.

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The final stage of Prague’s Metro D project will be to continue from Pankrác further towards the city center, reaching Vinohrady’s Náměstí Míru with a stop at Náměstí Bratří Synků along the way.

Today’s announcement comes after city planners revealed last year they were still moving forward with the project, and finalizing the necessary permits.

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Prague Metro with new D line via DPP
Prague Metro with new D line via DPP

While the city had originally hoped to have Metro D ready for 2022 just a few years ago, that deadline is no longer feasible.

Instead, officials today revealed a new 2027 launch date for Prague’s new metro line if everything goes according to schedule.

Prague’s Metro D line has previously made headlines for its intent to use robotic, driverless vehicles; city councillors confirmed today that is still the case.

Additionally, the entire Metro D line will be built with full mobile and internet coverage.

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