A Prague tram zooms by the city's National Theatre

Prague’s public transport rated 6th fastest in the world in new study

According to research from the Polytechnic College of Turin, public transportation in Prague is among the 10 fastest systems in the world

Prague’s public transport system is often cited as one of the best in the world, but just how efficient is it?

Well, according to new research from the Polytechnic College of Turin published in Royal Society Open Science, public transportation in Prague is among the 10 fastest systems in the world.

Researchers from the College measured three different variables from more than 30 cities around the world with the most advanced public transport systems.

One of the variables was city velocity, which measures how quickly a city’s public transportation system is able to deliver the average citizen to other areas of the city.

Public transportation systems in Berlin (at (6.54 km/h) and Paris (6.24 km/h) were found to be the speediest, meaning travelers were able to get to locations 20% more quickly than the average city in the study.

But Prague wasn’t far behind: the Czech capital’s metro, buses and trams were able to deliver travelers between locations at an average of 4.99 kilometers per hour, good for the sixth fastest in the study.

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(Note that these speeds don’t represent the average velocity of the vehicles themselves, but how quickly a person in one location can get to another from beginning to end of journey).

Prague’s efficient public transport system even topped London and New York, which came in seventh and eighth in the study, respectively.

via Royal Society Open Science

European public transportation dominated the list of the world’s top ten fastest systems; New York (eighth) and Melbourne (tenth) were the only city’s from outside of Europe to crack the top ten.

These are the world’s top ten fastest public transport systems according to city velocity:

  1. Berlin (6.54 km/h)
  2. Paris (6.24 km/h)
  3. Copenhagen (5.59 km/h)
  4. Helsinki (5.14 km/h)
  5. Athens (5.06 km/h)
  6. Prague (4.99 km/h)
  7. London (4.82 km/h)
  8. New York (4.79 km/h)
  9. Madrid (4.74 km/h)
  10. Melbourne (4.51 km/h)

Besides measuring the speed of public transport, the study also took a look at two other variables: city sociality, which measured how many people you might meet on public transport during an average trip, and city cohesion, which gives an estimate of the percentage of the population that can be reached on the average journey.

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Paris was rated first in city sociality by a wide margin, followed by London and New York, while Prague came in 15th. In the city cohesion rating, Athens led the pack while Prague rated 6th.

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