Cost of Living Report: 2015 Edition

According to this year’s report, groceries and real estate are on the rise
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Once again it’s time for us to give you an estimate of expected living expenses in Prague. There have been a few increases compared to last year, especially in real estate and groceries. Other areas such as transport and phones have remained unchanged.

The best way to view the following guide is a rough map. In most cases, the figures are averages. You will most definitely find outliers with regard to food and accommodation. Where there is quite a range, the entry has been marked, or the range left in.

With this year’s guide we should offer a caveat. The Czech Crown has been losing value, especially against the Pound Sterling and the US Dollar, so it is difficult to say how long the prices converted into other currencies will remain valid. Again please treat this as a tough guide which was accurate at the time of publication.

The following show how many crowns for one unit of the given currency:

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Euro: 28.04

GBP: 36.22

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USD: 23.80

Based on the average given by Currency Converter on January 14, 2015. You can also check the current exchange rate using our Currency Converter.

Large sausage on Wenceslas Square50-701.80-2.501.40-1.952.10-2.95
Slice of pizza301.070.831.26
Lunch for one in a pub with drink*1304.633.595.49
Combo meal in a fast food restaurant1505.354.146.30
Medium coffee from a coffee shop702.501.952.95
Domestic beer (0.5 liter draught)*401.431.101.68
Imported beer (0.33 liter bottle)60-702.14-2.501.66-1.952.52-2.95
A shot of vodka (20 mL)50-701.80-2.501.40-1.952.10-2.95
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle)301.070.831.26
Water (0.33 liter bottle)401.431.101.68

*If you visit pubs outside the center you will find cheaper meals and beer.

Fresh milk*230.820.630.96
UHT milk*170.600.470.71
Loaf of fresh bread (Šumavský)250.890.691.05
Loaf of white sliced bread250.890.691.05
French baguette (Large)200.710.550.84
Butter (250g)401.431.11.68
Rice (parboiled small packet)16-550.57-1.960.44-1.510.67-2.31
Packet of spaghetti**15-400.53-1.430.41-1.100.63-1.68
Eggs (10-pack)331.170.911.38
Cheese (100g) eidam150.530.410.63
Whole chicken802.852.213.35
Chicken breasts (1kg)1706.054.697.14
Beef sirloin (1kg)2709.617.4411.33
Pork cutlet (1kg)1706.054.697.14
Apples (1kg Granny Smith)351.250.961.47
Water 1.5 liter bottle (store brand)
Tea (small box)371.321.021.55
Coffee (200g) instant160-2405.70-8.564.41-6.626.72-10.08
Bottle of Czech wine853.032.343.57
Domestic beer (0.5 liter bottle)***150.530.410.63
Imported beer (0.5 liter bottle)250.890.691.05
Pack of cigarettes (Czech brand)802.852.213.35
Pack of cigarettes (imported)853.032.343.57

*The price for fresh milk and UHT varies quite a bit.

**There seemed such a broad range of prices it made no sense to average it. The lower price represents the generic brands; the higher price is for the “better quality”.

***Again a rough average. Some beers can be as low as 7 CZK with Pilsner Urquell selling for over 20 CZK. The price does not include the 3 CZK refundable deposit for beer bottles.

Limited ticket (30 minutes)240.860.661.01
90-minute ticket32 (40**)1.14 (1.43**)0.88 (1.10**)1.34 (1.68**)
24-hour pass1103.923.034.62
3-day pass31011.068.5513.02
Monthly pass55019.6115.1523.10
Monthly pass, student2609.277.1710.92
Monthly pass, senior2508.916.9010.50
Quarterly pass1 48052.7740.8462.17
5-month pass2 45087.3767.61102.90
Annual pass4 750169.37131.07199.50
Taxi (airport to center)***350-50012.48-17.839.66-13.8014.70-21.00
Taxi (within center)***130-1704.63-6.053.59-4.695.49-7.14
Liter petrol****321.140.881.34

*Prices as given on the Prague Mass Transit webpage on January 14, 2015.

**If purchased from a bus driver.

***Prices depend on the taxi company.

****Based on prices given on January 14, 2015.

London (all airports)From 2 600 return92.7271.74109.19
Paris (all airports)From 4 000 return142.65110.39168.00
New York (all airports)From 13 000 return463.63358.78546.01

*Prices vary depending on time of year and deals that the table shows are the lowest prices found for 2015 on January 14, 2015.

Accommodation (per month)*CZKEURGBPUSD
Room in flatshare, Prague 1 or 25 500196.14151.81231.02
Room in flatshare, outside center5 000178.31138.02210.02
Studio flat, Prague 1 or 28 600306.70237.41361.25
Studio flat, outside center6 200221.10171.14260.44
Flat (1+1), Prague 1 or 212 500445.78345.06525.10
Flat (1+1), outside center9 000320.95248.46378.07
Flat (2+1), Prague 1 or 222 000784.55607.38924.37
Flat (2+1), outside center15 000534.91414.15630.28
4-star hotel, double room (per night)2 50089.1669.03105.05
Bed in a hostel dorm (per night)2508.916.9010.50

*These prices are an average of the market rent as of January 14, 2015 using the information found here and an average of flat sizes in the various categories.

Utilities (monthly)CZKEURGBPUSD
Gas*1 77063.1248.8774.39
Phone (land line)50017.8313.8021.00
Mobile phone (unlimited calls within provider network)50017.8313.8021.00
Internet (ADSL)50017.8313.8021.00

*This figure is based on the average of the main providers. The price was calculated for a one person apartment with electricity for cooking and gas for heating and hot water. To check other possible prices visit (in Czech).

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Tip: Visit Relocation for more relocation articles, relocation agencies and other tips for life in Prague & the Czech Republic!

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